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Page Title: Fire pump and foam tank compartment
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against dirt and water entry.  The body shall be of all welded construction and
not exceed 96 inches in width.
3.11.1 Fire pump and foam tank compartment.  The fire pump and foam tank
shall be enclosed in an aluminum compartment at the forward section of the body
and shall be self-supporting from the truck frame.  An enclosure shall be
provided to protect the back side of the instruments on the pump panel.  This
section shall have a hinged top, latch with operating handle or wing nuts for
easy access, and a means of holding the panel section in a horizontal position
when open for inspection.  If the tank is positioned over the pump, the tank and
tank supports must be removable to allow lifting of the pump intact without
removing more than the pump suction and discharge fittings.  The sides of the
pump compartment shall be the same height as the sides of the main hose bed
specified in 3.11.5.  Provisions for a vertical water supply line to the monitor
shall be provided on the centerline of the truck.  A removable deck plate (in
equally divided sections) shall be provided over the pump compartment and shall
be designed to support a 500 lb load plus the monitor assembly with its related
operational forces during agent flow.  An opening in this deck plate shall be
provided for a vertical water supply line to the monitor. An adequate opening
in the decking shall be provided for external filling of the foam tank from 5
gallon foam containers.  This opening to have a secured, but readily removable
cover.  The passenger or curbside panel of the pump compartment shall extend
vertically from the running board to the bottom edge of the transverse hose bed
and horizontally from the cab step rearward to the forward edge of the curbside
compartment.  This panel shall be removable and constructed of scratch and glare
resistant black vinyl material and shall not be painted. Monitor.  A monitor (deluge gun) shall be furnished and mounted on
the platform area above the pump-compartment and connected to the pump by a...
water supply line through the platform floor.  A gasketed mating flange fitting
shall be furnished at the base of the monitor and at the top of the water supply
line at the platform floor to permit ease of monitor removal.  A cradle with a
quick release fastening device shall be provided to securely hold the nozzle end
of the monitor when stowed.  The monitor shall be positioned on the centerline
of the fire truck and shall be capable of flowing 1,200 gpm.  The monitor shall
have a non-slip coated handle to facilitate operation of the monitor turret.
The water supply valve to the monitor shall be a gear operated handwheel and
shall have a waterway equal to the inside diameter of the monitor's inlet
piping.  Liquid filled pressure gages shall be provided at the nozzle and on the
pump operator's panel.  The pressure gage to be provided at the nozzle shall be
the manufacturer's standard gage.  A separate stream shaper or discharge pipe of
not less than 15 inches in length with a 2-1/2-inch male and female NH threads
connection for use with stacked tips shall be furnished.  Stacking type tips,
2-inch, l-3/4-inch and l-1/2-inch shall be furnished.  The stream shaper and
stacked tips shall be made of lightweight material.  The monitor (deluge gun)
and non-chromed components of the monitor shall be painted the same color as the
truck .  The monitor shall be provided with a pressure gage at the pump
operator's panel.
3.11.2  Trans verse hose beds .  Three transverse hose beds shall be provided
side by side forward of main hose bed, no higher than 48 inches above the
running board.  Each bed shall have the capacity of stowing not less than 200
feet of l-3./2-inch double jacketed, polyester rubber lined fire hose.  Each hose
bed shall have hose payout openings on the streetside and the curbside of the

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