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Page Title: Water tank
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Indicator light for safe pumping mode.
Foam tank level indicator; electronic multiple light type.
Water tank fill valve.
All controls, valves, drains, and pressure gauges shall be identified as to
their function and shall have a related identification number.  All instruments
and switches shall be identified as to their function.  All identification
plates shall be provided with lettering as large as possible and practical.
3.11,4 Water tank.  A removable water tank of not less than 750-gallon
capacity shall be provided at the rear of the fire pump compartment.  The water
tank shall not extend beyond the main hose bed sides.  The water tank shall be
constructed of 10 gauge (0.134 in.) mild steel and shall have double welded
(external and internal) seams.  The interior surfaces of the tank shall be
cleaned by abrasive blasting (glass beaded) to provide the highest degree of
cleanliness to accept epoxy coating.  The interior surface shall be further
prepared with an epoxy primer with a final two coat system of two or three part
epoxy resin.  The total film thickness of primer and finish epoxy coats shall be
the thickness necessary for protection from corrosion deterioration of the
interior surface of the tank throughout it's specified life (10 yrs.). The
water tank shall be provided with a sacrificial anode system to neutralize the
water condition and to protect the tank against corrosion.  The water tank shall
be the horizontal type with a flat top and a flat bottom, with a sump, and
mounted on the truck frame as specified in paragraph  The tank top
shall be removable, with gasket to prevent leakage, and shall support not less
than 200 lb per square foot of surface area.  A longitudinal and transverse
surge partition shall be provided in the tank.  A 2-1/2-inch NST connection
shall be provided at the pump panel and piped directly to the tank by a
l-1/2-inch diameter pipe for use as a direct supply connectiom, and shall enter
the tank or be piped inside the tank so as to not cause cavitation in the tank
during pump discharge.  A 1-inch tank fill and re-circulating line, properly
valve d, shall be provided from the pump discharge directly to the water tank.
The tank drain shall be located at the low point of the tank to provide complete
drainage and the drain control valve shall be operated/controlled from the pump
panel.  The water tank drain shall discharge directly to the ground at a point
below the bottom of the chassis frame.  The tank shall have a nonsplash
combination overflow and vent pipe of not less than 4-inch National Pipe Size,
directed to the ground at the rear of the rear axle, and extending below the
bottom of the truck frame.  The tank shall have a warranty for 10 years. Tank filler opening.  The tank shall have an accessibly located
filler opening not less than 5 inches id and shall be provided with a tight,
gasketed, hinged cap.  The tank fill opening shall be provided with a removable
strainer.  The tank filler opening shall not project above the height of the
side body sheet metal panels. tank piping.  The piping from the tank to the fire pump, unless
made of corrosion-resistant metal, shall be galvanized.  The pipeline diameter
between the tank and the pump shall be 3 inches to permit a flow rate of 500 gpm
and shall incorporate a flexible, reinforced, noncollapsible connection(s) to
take up any vibration.  The tank piping shall provide for discharging the water
in the tank through the fire pump discharge manifold.  A quick-opening shutoff
valve shall be provided with the control extended to the operator's control
panel and a drain valve, located at the lowest point, with the control extended

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