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Page Title: Rear Platform and running boards
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shall be provided in the tank fill opening to prevent entry of foreign matter.
The foam tank shall include a minimum- l-inch vent that will not permit spillage
of foam when the truck is operated to verify performance requirements of
paragraph 3.6 or when cornering the truck on a 90 turn both left and right, and
the outlet shall be designed to prevent vortexing. Foam system piping.  All fittings, valves, and piping shall be of
material that is fully compatible with the AFFF concentrate, water and their
admixtures.  Quarter-turn ball valves shall be installed between the foam tank
and metering valve and between the fire pump discharge and the eductor.  A ball
check valve shall be installed between the eductor and metering valve to prevent
flow of water into the foam tank.  A horizontal swing check valve shall be
installed in the water tank suction line to prevent entry of foam solution into
the water tank.
3.11.8  Rear Platform and running boards.  The fire truck shall be provided
with a rear platform and running boards.  Construction of the rear platform
shall utilize the beavertail design.  The beavertail shall be an integral part
of the body side panels.  The rear platform shall have a load-carrying capacity
of not less than 700 lbs.  The rear platform length shall be equal to the width
of the truck and not less than 18 inches in depth.  The rear platform shall have
rounded corners, and shall have a rear downward flange of at least 2 inches.
The side running boards shall extend from the rear of the cab to the side
equipment compartments and extend out to a point flush with the truck body and
be equipped with 6 inch high scuff plates all around.  Each running board shall
have a load-carrying capacity of not less than 500 lbs.  The rear platform and
running boards shall have aluminum nonslip tread surfaces.  The running boards
and rear platform shall be located on the same horizontal plane of the truck cab
and body.  The rear platform and running boards shall be 22 inches. (+2 or -2
inches) above ground level, with the truck loaded as specified in 3.8.1.
3.11.9 Handrails and gr ab rails.  The rear platform shall be provided with
two vertical grab rails, one at each side, to assist personnel in climbing onto
the rear platform.  A horizontal handrail shall be provided not more than 6
inches forward of the rear end of the hose bed and not more than 72 inches above
the rear platform.  A handrail shall be provided at the top of the right and
left sides over the pump compartment and shall be the length of the pump
compartment.  The handrails and grab rails shall be l-1/4-inch maximum diameter
chromium plated brass or chromium plated steel.  The handrails and grab rails
shall be of the non-twist type and be provided with non-slip protection.
3.11.10  Per sonnel St eps .  Personnel steps, in accordance with NFPA-1901,
shall be provided to assist personnel in gaining access to various firefighting
body components.  As a minimum, steps shall be provided on the fomard end of
the body, mounted on each side of the truck.  Also , steps shall be provided at
the rear of the truck, inboard of the beavertail, on each side of the rear
platform for access to the hose bed. `The maximum stepping height shall not
exceed 18 inches with the exception of the ground to the first step.  All steps
shall sustain a static load of 500 lb. and have skid-resistant surfaces, have a
minimum area of 35 sq. in. and be arranged to provide a minimum 8 inch clearance
between the front of the step and any obstruction.
3.11.11 Fire true k equimwnt.
The following fire truck equipment shall be

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