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Page Title: Cleaning Treatment and Painting
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Two lengths of 5-inch hard suction hose, each 10 feet long, with
5-inch NH long handle couplers on female ends; and 5-inch NH rocker
lug couplers on male ends.  The suction hose shall conform to the
requirements of NFPA-1901.  The couplers shall be made of lightweight
material.  The hard suction hose shall be packaged securely and
shipped to the consignee with the truck.
One 5-inch suction strainer, cylindrical, corrosion-resistant type,
with NH female coupling.  The suction strainer shall be made of
lightweight material.
Quick-release fastening devices shall be provided on the right
(curbside) of the truck, above the wheel well to securely mount the
following complement of ladders and pike pole. All ladders shall
conform to NFPA-1931 and shall be of aluminum alloy.
(1) One 10-foot folding attic ladder.
(2) One 12-foot roof ladder with folding hooks.
(3) One 28-foot, three section tongue and groove constructed ladder
with a closed length not to exceed 15 feet.
(4) One 10-foot fiberglass pike pole.
3.12 Cleaning tr eatment and painting .  All fire truck surfaces shall be
cleaned and treated in accordance with MIL-T-704, Type A.  The surfaces to be
painted shall have a primer applied to a dry film thiclmess of 1.5-2.5 nils.
The primer used shall be compatible with the final paint system.  The finish
paint shall be polyurethane enamel or equal, applied CO a dry film thickness of
not less than 2.5 roils.  The finish color shall be Lime Yellow, number 13670 of
FED-STD-595 and shall be applied to the exterior surfaces of the truck cab,
chassis, body and hose beds.  The roof and upper part of the cab, down to a line
at the botom of the windshield. shall be painted White.,. color chip No. 17886 of
Federal Standard 595.  A white reflective glow, horizontal "accent" band 10
inches wide, shall be installed along the sides, the full length of the truck
and in a plane with the headlights,  The reflective band shall also be installed
across the front of the cab if there is no metal trim installed.  The interior
surface of equipment compartments shall be painted with Spatter type paint to
reduce problems in repainting due to chipping from equipment storage.  Running
boards , compartment tops, steps, rear platform, scuff plates, and engine cover
shall be bright, unpainted aluminum.  The cab interior shall be primed and
finish painted with two coats of Black Wrinkle paint. The disk wheels shall be
painted the same as the exterior color.  Rims , tire locking rings and lugnuts,
treated with permaplate or other similar corrosion-resistant treatment, need not
be painted.
3.13  RustPro o f ing.  The fire truck cab, frame, wheel wells, and all exposed
body components shall be protected against rust and oxidation in accordance with
3.14  Identification pl ate.  Identification plates shall be furnished as
specified in the procurement document for each fire tuck.  The contractor shall
stamp all the necessary data in the blank spaces provided for that purpose and
securely affix the plate to each fire truck on the forward inside wall of the
cab, with nonferrous screws or bolts not less than 1/8" id.  The following
nomenclature shall be stamped on the identification plate:
FIREFIGHTING, 1,000 GPM, 4 X 2."

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