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Page Title: Operational tests
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4.2.1  Fi rst ar title inspection.  The first article inspection shall be
performed on one truck when a first article is required (see 3.2, 6.2, and 6.4),
This inspection shall Include the examination of 4.3 and the tests of 4.4. The
first article may be either a first production item or a standard production
item from the supplier's current inventory, provided the item meets the
requirements of the specification and is representative of the design,
construction and manufacturing technique applicable to the remaining trucks to
be furnished under the contract.
4.2.2 Quality conformance inspe ction.  The quality conformance inspection
shall be performed as specified herein.  This inspection shall include the
examination of 4.3, the tests of 4.5 and the packaging inspection of 4.6.
4.3 Examination.  Each truck shall be examined for compliance with the
requirements specified in section 3 of this specification.  Any redesign or
modification of the contractor's standard product to comply with specified
requirements, or any necessary redesign or modification following failure to
meet specified requirements shall receive particular attention for adequacy and
suitability.  This element of inspection shall encompass all visual examinations
and dimensional measurements.  Noncompliance with any specified requirements or
presence of one or more defects preventing or lessening maximum efficiency shall
constitute cause for rejection.
4.4 First articl e tests.  When a first article is required, the first
article shall be tested as specified in 4.4.1 through 4.4.4.  The first article
tests shall be performed by the contractor under the direction, and In the
presence of Government representatives, and documented in accordance with DD
Form 1423 requirement.  Failure to pass any phase of the required tests shall
be cause for rejection.
4.4.1  Operational tests.  The fire truck shall be loaded as specified in
3.8.1 and operated to verify performance requirements of 3.6 a. through 3.6 h.
During these tests, the functioning of the engine, power train, brakes,
steering, truck and body lighting systems, controls and instruments shall be
observed for effective operation.  A load distribution test shall be conducted
to determine that the percentage of gvw at the front axle complies with 3.8.1.
The steering mechanism shall be tested to verify conformance to the requirements
of 3.8.14.
4.4.2 Fire Pump tests,  All tests specified in paragraphs through shall have all test results recorded on the APPARATUS PUMP/SERVICE TEST
REPORT form (see page 39) with one copy included as part of First Article Test
Report and one copy included with the fire truck manuals,  Pressure tes ts .  The pump shall be tested hydrostatically at a
pressure of 350 psig for 10 minutes to determine conformance to 3.10.  The pump
pressure tests may be performed by the pump manufacturer prior to installation
on the truck.  Run-in test.  A 2-hour run-in test shall be performed by the pump
manufacturer in accordance with NFPA 1901.  Capacity and comp orient test,  Tests shall be conducted by the truck
manufacturer in accordance with the test procedures of NPFA 1901.  All tests

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