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Page Title: First Article Inspection
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Quality Assurance Provisions
Test Set, Electrical Circuit, M40E1 Parts for, Assembling and Packing
First Article Inspection Provisions

MIL-T-48236 (MU)
a.  A statement that the lot complies with all of the
quality assurance provisions specified in this specification.
b.  Drawing and specification number and date, together
with identification and date of changes thereto.
c.  A statement that all material purchased by the con-
tractor meets requirements, when such material is controlled by
Government or commercial specifications referenced in any of the
contractual documents, and that certificates of conformance are
on file and available for review.
d.  Number of items in the lot.
e.  Date submitted.
The certificate shall be signed by a responsible agent of the
certifying organization.  The initial certificate submitted shall
be substantiated by evidence of the agent's authority to bind his
principal.  Substantiation of the agents authority will not
be required with subsequent certificates unless, during the course
of the contract, this authority is vested in another agent of the
certifying organization.
4.2 First Article Inspection
4.2.1 Submission.-Prior to the start of regular production
the contractor shall submit a first article sample (see 6.1c) to
a Government approved facility as designated by the contracting
officer for evaluation in accordance with the provisions of 4.2.2
and 4.2.3.  The first article sample shall consist of inert
parts, sub-assemblies and assemblies, including at least three (3)
items from each cavity used to produce plastic parts and be so
identified as to permit tracing each item to the cavity in which
it was molded) which have been produced by the contractor or
furnished by a supplier and which have been manufactured using
the same production processes, procedures and equipment which will
be used in fulfilling the contract.  All parts and materials
including packaging and packing shall be obtained from the same
source of supply as will be used in regular production.  Prior to
submission, the contractor shall inspect the sample to the degree
necessary to assure that it conforms to the requirements of the
contract and submit a record of this inspection with the sample,
including a certificate of conformance for materials.  A sample
containing known defects will not be submitted unless specifically
authorized by the Contracting Officer.  A first article sample,

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