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Page Title: Inspection provisions
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First Article Inspection Provisions
Test Set, Electrical Circuit, M40E1 Parts for, Assembling and Packing
Connector assembly, male

MIL-T-48236 (MU) Rejection. -If any test set fails to comply with
any of the applicable requirements, the first article sample
shall be rejected.  The Government reserves the right to terminate
its inspection upon any failure of the test set to comply with
any of the stated requirements.
4.3 Inspection provisions
4.3.1 Lot formation.-The term "inspection lot" as used in
this specification is defined as an essentially homogeneous col-
lection of units of product from which a representative sample is
drawn and inspected to determine conformance with applicable require-
ments.  The sample selected shall represent only that quantity of
units from which the sample was drawn and shall not be construed
to represent any prior or subsequent quantities presented for inspec-
tion.  Homogeneity shall be considered to exist provided the inspec-
tion lot has been produced by one manufacturer in one unchanged
process using the same materials and methods in accordance with the
same drawings, same drawing revisions, same specifications and same
specification revisions and complies with the provisions for submis-
sion of product as specified in MIL-STD-105.  Changes to the process,
specifications, or drawings not affecting safety, performance, inter-
changeability, or storage, as determined by the Government, shall not
be deemed to alter the homogeneity of an inspection lot. All
material submitted for inspection in accordance with this spec-
ification shall comply with the homogeneity criteria specified
herein regardless of the type of sampling procedure which is
being applied to determine conformance with requirements. Lot
numbering, as required, shall be in accordance with MIL-STD-1168,
Each inspection lot of test sets shall contain parts from not more
than one lot interfix number from one manufacturer.
4.3.2 Examination.-The examinations listed in the follow-
ing subparagraphs shall be performed on inspection lots (see
4.3.1) Of the components or assemblies designated in the appli-
cable paragraph headings.  Inspection for critical defects (and
major defects, when so specified) shall be 100 percent.  Sampling
plans for major and minor defects shall be in accordance with MIL-
STD-105 except that continuous sampling plans in accordance with
MIL-STD-1235 may be used if approved by the Government.  Instead
of applying the AQL's designated herein to the groups of major
and minor defects listed, the contractor may elect to apply AQL's
to individual defects using an AQL of 0.40 percent for each major
defect and an AQL of 0.65 percent for each minor. defect. When this
method is elected, it shall be applied to all of the major and

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