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Page Title: Methods of inspection
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Reliability  assurance  sample
Telescope, Panoramic: M137 and M137A1
Reticle  accuracy

be subjected only to the reliability test(s) which revealed the
defect(s). Inspection of the sample after retest shall be
conducted by the Government and shall be in accordance with
4.3.2, Final Acceptance Inspection, except characteristic 110 of
Table I and characteristics 301 and 302 of Table II. Reappearance
of the previous defect(s) 4.6.2 may be cause for the Government to
prescribe mandatory process corrective action by the Contractor at
no additional cost to the Government.
4.7 Methods
4.7.1 Orientation. Test fixture 10558252 shall be used for
the inspection of the Panoramic Telescope M137 and M137A1.
Position the test fixture on a vibration free surface in
accordance with the set-up instructions on Drawing F10558252.
Follow the calibration and set-up instruction prior to positioning
the telescope to the fixture. Subsequent ot completion of all
set-up instructions, the telescope shall be orientated as
specified in paragraph 3.7 of this specification.
4.7.2 Collimation.  The telescope shall be positioned on
fixture 10558252 with the flat mounting surface horizontal, the
eyepiece elbow shall be positioned perpendicular to the plane of
the telescope locating keyways. The azimuth counter shall be set
at 3200 mils and the deflection or bearing counter shall be set at
3200 mils. The correction counter shall indicate zero. The head
cover shall be in the open position with the line of sight being
to the left of the elbow eyepiece. The 5 mil click lead actuator
(located in azimuth knob) shall be set for indirect fire (out of
detent). The telescope reticle shall be placed into coincidence
with the collimator target reticle 7573291. The line of sight
of the telescope shall be in exact coincidence with the target
reticle, the position recorded, prior to all vibration tests.
4.7.32 Collimation  post  cibration. Subsequent to vibration
testing, the line of sight shall not have deviated more than the
deflection allowed in 3.7.1.
4.7.4 Eyepiece  focus. The telescope eyepiece is a fixed
focus assembly and it shall be set between the tolerances
specified in 3.10.1 To determine the correct setting of the
eyepiece, dioptometer 7680631 of three power (3X) shall be used
that has been adjusted to the individual eye. This can be
accomplished by sighting through the dioptometer at a white
background and adjusting the eyepiece of the dioptometer until the
reticle is at the sharpest point obtainable. Position the barrel
of the dioptometer to set the index at zero. When this has been
accomplished, sight through the dioptometer and the eyepiece of
the telescope. Observe the reticle of the telescope, and compare
it with the reticle of the dioptometer. Adjust the barrel of the

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