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Page Title: Reticle accuracy
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Methods of inspection
Telescope, Panoramic: M137 and M137A1
Excursion  range  (elevation  mechanism)

dioptometer to make the reticle of the telescope go out of focus;
then re-adjust the barrel to bring the telescope reticle into
focus at the sharpest point. Read the error on the scale on the
barrel of the dioptometer.
4.7.5 Parallax. With the telescope mounted on the 10558252
test fixture, and the collimator projector set to a range of 80
10 meters, turn the azimuth knob until telescope range is
superimposed on the target reticle. Observe any apparent movement
between the telescope and target reticle as the observers head is
moved up and down and from side to side within the limits of view
imposed by the telescope eyeshield. The apparent motion shall
not exceed the limits of paragraph 3.10.2.
4.7.6 Reticle  accuracy. With the telescope oriented as
described in paragraph 4.7 adjust the fixture rotary table so that
the right 40 mil mark of the telescope is superimposed on the
target centerline. Read the azimuth counter. Rotate the azimuth
knob until the left 40 mil mark is superimposed on the target
centerline. Reread the azimuth counter. The difference in
counter readings is the angular separation between 40 mil
graduations and shall be within the limits of paragraph 3.10.3.
4.7.7 Resolution. Place viewing telescope 7680631 in front
of the panoramic telescope's eyepiece. The wall target and
testing procedures for resolution shall be in accordance with
MIL-O-13830. The telescope shall not exceed the limits specified
in 3.10.4.
4.7.8 Parallelism of reticle and image. When oriented per
paragraph 4.7, the azimuth knob shall be used to position the
vertical reticle line of the telescope so that it passes through
the intersection of the vertical target line and the short
horizontal mark on the target reticle (about 20 mils below its
center cross). When so positioned, the telescope vertical
reticle line shall lie within the 30 minute limit lines of the
target reticle to display conformance with paragraph 3.10.5. This
test shall also be repeated with the elbow positioned against the
right and left swing stops and at azimuth settings of 3200 mils
4800 mils 6400 mils and 1600 mils
4.7.9 Image  tilt. The telescope shall be orientated in
accordance with 4.7. Use viewing telescope 5549108 and a flat
surface to position the viewing telescope at the eyepiece of the
telescope under test, adjust the viewing telescope to the height
of the telescope eyepiece. Adjust the viewing telescope's
position so that the vertical reticle line is in coincidence with
the target vertical reticle line at the short horizontal mark
(about 20 mils below the center cross). The vertical target line
shall be parallel to the vertical line pof the viewing telescope
within the limits of the 1 degree mark of the target telescope per
3.10.6. This test shall be repeated with the elbow positioned

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