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Page Title: Excursion range (elevation mechanism)
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Reticle  accuracy
Telescope, Panoramic: M137 and M137A1
Figure I. Excursion range and plumb travel target

Against the riqht and left swing stops and at azimuth settings
3200 mils 4800 mils 6400 mils and 1600 mils.
4.7.10 Reticle  cut-off. This test shall be performed by
viewing through the eyepiece of the telescope while turning the
azimuth knob two complete revolutions of the head. The reticle
graduations and numerals shall be as specified in 3.10.7.
4.8 Performance.
4.8.1 Excursion  range  (elevation  mechanism). With the line
of sight established in accordance with 3.7, elevation and
depression of the prism in the rotating head by means of the
elevation knob shall cause the line of sight to displace the
amount specified in for elevation and depression. This
test can be accomplished by using a wall target (see sketch Figure
1) that has an established level line of sight and the excursion
limits required.
4.8.2 Plumb  travel. This test can be performed concurrently
with 4.8.1 The telescope shall be in a level position with the
vertical reticle line brought into coincidence with the vertical
target line by rotating the azimuth knob. The horizontal reticle
of the telescope shall be in coincidence with the horizontal
target line by rotating the elevation knob. Rotate the elevation
knob to elevate the line of sight of the telescope 300 mils
Reverse the rotation of the knob to depress the line of sight to
300 mils depression. Reverse the rotation again, returning the
line of sight to zero elevation. The vertical reticle line of the
telescope must track the target line within the tolerance
specified in
4.8.3 800 mils steps. Position the telescope as specified
in 3.7. Set the telescope azimuth counters to 3200 Mils and the
correctionj counter to zero. The vertical line on the reticle of
the telescope shall be coincident with the vertical line on the
target, and the horizontal line of the reticle shall be coincident
with the zero elevation line. Azimuth readings shall be made at
800 mil increments through two full revolutions in one direction.
The error in the readings taken shall not exceed the tolerance
specified in
4.6.4 15 mil steps. Position the telescope as specified In
4.8.3. Subsequent to orientation of the line of sight and setting
the counters, the deflection or bearing counter Direct Fire Knob
shall be in the "Engage" position. The 15 mil step test shall
meet the requirement of at the "L" and "R" directions and
also at 3200, 4800, zero, and 1600 mil azimuth position.
4.8.5 Level  travel. This test Shall be acccomplished with
test  procedure-of  4.8.3.  During  the  azimuth  reading  for  each
800 mil increment, the position of the horizontal reticle line of

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