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Page Title: Boresight retention
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Five mil click mechanism
Telescope, Panoramic: M137 and M137A1
Open  sight

clockwise to 300 mils then reverse direction of the knob and
align the zero line on the knob with the index line on the head
without overtravel. Observe, through the telescope, the position
of the telescope reticle on the target. The telescope reticle
shall be within the tolerance specified in of the zero
level line on the target. This test shall also be conducted in
the counterclockwise direction.
4.8.10 Boresight  retention. Position the telescope as
specified in 3.7, the azimuth and deflection or bearing counters
shall be set at 3200 mils. Rotate the azimuth knob, remove
backlash and establish a line of sight in coincidence to the
target collimator. Turn the azimuth knob at the speed and for the
length of time specified in until the head has made one
revolution. Caution should be taken to avoid overtravel in the
line of sight coincidence previously obtained. The boresight
setting shall read 3200 mils with the specified limit of
as read on the azimuth counter. Repeat the above test in the
opposite direction.
4.8.11 Rapid  traverse. This test may be performed in
conjunction with the boresight retention test 4.8.10. Set the
Set the
correction counter to zero. Turn the azimuth knob at the speed
and rotate one complete revolution. The deflection or bearing
counter shall follow the azimuth counter within the limit
specified in Backlash shall be removed prior to
traversing the azimuth knob for this test and the boresight
retention test. Rapid traverse shall be repeated in the opposite
4.8.12 Deflection or bearing counter. Set the azimuth and
deflection or bearing counters to read zero. Place the deflection
counter lever in the "Engage" position. Turn the azimuth knovb to
800, 1600, 2400, and 3200 mil settings to determine if above
azimuth settings can be set to the accuracy specified in
4.8.13 Correction  counter  excursion. The correction counter
knob shall be manually rotated until full excursion has traveled
the minimum and maximum limits specified in
4.8.14 Correction counter affect on deflection or bearinq
counter. Set the deflection counter and the correction counter
in the zero position. Turn the correction counter knob either
clockwise or counterclockwise direction. Knob rotation shall
increase or decrease the deflection or bearing counter readings in
accordance with the values specified in
4.8.15 Correction  counter  setting. The panoramic telescope
shall be positioned as specified in 3.7 and 3.7.1. While sighting
through the telescope eyepiece, turn the correction knob to 95
mils, "L" direction. There shall be no change in the line of
sight greater than specified in The azimuth counter

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