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Page Title: Hydraulic tubing, hoses and fittings
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Maintenance operations
Trucks, Lift, Fork, Electric Motor Driven, 2000-3000-4000-6000 Pound Capacity
Wheels for solid tires

3.9.1  Hydraulic tubing, hoses and fittings .  All hydraulic tubing, hoses
and fittings shall meet the requirement of the applicable SAE recommended
practices paragraphs, J 514, J 516, J 517, J 518, J 524, and J 525, and shall
be routed to prevent kinking, chafing, and twisting.  All lines and fittings
shall be tagged or identified in some way.
3.9.2  External leakage .  After completing test specified in 4.3, the
degree of external hydraulic system leakage shall not exceed a class 4D for
dusty conditions of SAE J 1176.  External hydraulic system leakage shall not
exceed a class 3 for production trucks under normal conditions.
Electrical equipment .
3.10.1  Static discharge device .  When type EE specified the truck shall be
equipped with two replaceable electrically conductive rubber straps, mounted
immediately adjacent to the wheels.
3.10.2  Safety cutout system .  Provisions shall be made to disrupt power to
the traction motor when the operator leaves his seat and when the operator
applies the service brakes.
3.11  Electric motors .  Motors shall be industrial type with a high
starting torque.  The insulation for motors shall be class B, F, or H as
defined in NEMA standards.  When other than type E truck is specified (see
6.2), one or more thermal relay switches shall be provided which shall cause
disconnection of battery power to the affected circuit before the outside
surface temperature of the motor(s) exceeds 347 .  Thermal relays shall be
located in critical heat areas and shall interrupt the current only to the
over-heated circuit.
3.12  Uprights and carriage assembly .  Uprights shall be the telescopic
roller type.  Main load rollers shall be the permanently lubricated for life
type.  The forks and fork carrier shall conform to ASME/ANSI B 56.1 and
ASME/ANSI B 56.11.4.  The fork carrier shall be free of obstructions to allow
the forks to slide across the entire width of the carrier.  A cutout shall be
provided in the fork carrier so that the lower hook of the fork will fit
through the slot and each fork shall be removable without removing the load
backrest.  Fork thickness shall not exceed 0.5 inch at the tips and the end
taper shall be not less than 14 inches long.  Fork size shall be as specified
on the applicable specification sheet.  Forks shall be adjustable to obtain
the fork spacing measured from the outside of the forks as specified on the
applicable specification sheet.
3.12.1  Load backrest.  A metal backrest, removable without disturbing any
other component, shall be provided.  There shall be no protruding bolts or
appendages beyond the side plane of the load backrest.  In conjunction with
the fork and hanger design, it shall provide a vertical rear guard at least 48
maximum high, measured from the load carrying surface of the forks, and at
least equal to the width of the carriage.
3.13  Wheels and tires .
Tire type shall be as specified on the applicable
specification sheet.

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