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Page Title: Travel speed
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4.4.5  Right
angle turn .  With capacity load on forks raised 6 inches above
the ground and
mast vertical demonstrate that truck can meet the right angle
turn dimension
as specified on the applicable specification sheet.
shall be cause for rejection.
4.4.6  Travel speed.  Operate the truck with capacity load in carry
position. Truck shall attain speed specified in both directions. The truck
shall be driven a distance necessary to attain maximum speed prior to entering
a measured distance of not less than 22 feet. The truck shall be driven over
the measured course at least three times in each direction. The speed shall be
the average of the three runs in each direction. Inability of the truck to
attain the minimum speed as specified on the applicable specification sheet
shall be cause for rejection.
4.4.7  Slope ascension .  Drive truck forward with capacity load along a
horizontal approach and on to a ramp or slope of specified grade and bring to
a complete stop halfway up the ramp. Start from a dead stop and proceed up the
ramp to a horizontal surface. Repeat the procedure without the load.
Nonconformance to 3.24.5 shall be cause for rejection.
4.4.8  Tilt. Place truck without load on flat level surface. Raise forks to
an elevation of 2 feet and place mast in vertical position. Tilt mast to full
forward position and record angle of tilt. Tilt mast to full rearward position
and record angle of tilt. Nonconformance to 3.24.6 shall be cause for
4.4.9  Stability.  Conduct "forward stacking", "forward travel", "lateral
stacking", and "lateral travel" tilting platform tests in accordance with
ASME/ANSI B 56.1. Nonconformance to ASME/ANSI B 56.1 shall be cause for
4.4.10  Endurance/reliability test .  The truck carrying the capacity load,
shall be operated for a minimum of 4000 cycles over a course as shown in
figure 1 following the criteria laid out in test method 1. The surface shall
be paved with concrete, asphalt, macadam or equivalent. Any incident resulting
in internal component failure of the electric motor, differential, hydraulic
pump, or permanent deformation of the chassis shall constitute an endurance
failure.  Fluid leakage, inability to perform operations or overheating shall
also constitute an endurance failure. Any unscheduled maintenance action
during this truck operation demonstration taking one person more than 15
minutes to correct shall constitute a reliability failure. Any endurance
failure shall be cause for truck rejection. A total of 4 reliability failures
shall be cause for rejection.
4.4.11  Maintenance operating test .  Perform the maintenance operations as
listed in 3.8.  Nonconformance to 3.8, shall constitute failure of this test.
4.4.12  Braking test.  Perform service brake test using the stopping
distance method specified in ASME/ANSI B 56.1.  Perform parking brake test
specified in ASME/ANSI B 56.1 for sit down rider trucks.  Nonconformance shall
be cause for rejection.

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