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Page Title: Wheel splash and stone throw protection
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Trucks, Pipe and Sewer Cleaner: High Pressure Water Jet Type, 5680 Liter (1.500 Gallon), 12700 Kilograms
Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards

* Wheel splash and stone throw protection. The vehicle shall have rubber mud flaps
to the rear of the rear wheels. All tilt cabs shall have rubber mud flaps to the rear of the front
wheel. A metal strip not less than 3.2 millimeters (mm) (0.125 inch) thick and not less than
25 mm (1 inch) wide, extending the entire width of the mud flap, shall be installed to prevent the
bolt heads or bolt nuts from damaging the mud flap. As an alternate method of attaching the mud
flaps, tabs or clips with minimum surface contact dimensions of 25 mm (1 inch) high by 32 mm
(1.25) inch wide by 2.4 mm (0.094 inch) thick shall be furnished at each bolt. All splash shield
and mud flap installations, front and rear, shall conform to the rear wheel splash and stone throw
protection provisions of SAE 3682.
* Trailer towing package. When specified (see 6.2), a trailer towing package
consisting of a pintle, safety chain attachment devices, a lighting receptacle and associated
reinforcements and wiring shall be installed on the rear of the vehicle. The pintle shall be of the
rotating type conforming to MS 51118 and shall be installed on the chassis frame with
reinforcements to transfer a vertical tongue load of not less than 815 kg (1,800 pounds) and a
horizontal drawbar load of not less than 80 kilonewtons (kN) (18,000 pounds) directly to the
chassis rails. The rearmost portion of the pintle shall be forward but not more than 100 mm
(4 inches) forward of the rearmost part of the vehicle. Two trailer safety chain attachment
devices, one adjacent to each side of the pintle, shall be provided. Each attachment device shall
provide an ultimate strength at least equal to the GVW of the truck furnished. The lighting
receptacle, conforming to SAE J560 with its conductors connected and color coded as specified
therein, shall be mounted in a readily accessible location near the pintle. Spark arrester. As specified herein (see 3.4.4), the vehicle shall be furnished with
an exhaust system spark arrester.
* Brake lights. At least one pair of brake lights shall override the four-way
emergency flasher or the two systems shall be independent of each other. Modifications to the
manufacturer's standard product to accommodate this requirement shall not compromise
conformance to any Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation referenced herein or to any Federal
Motor Vehicle Safety Standard. If additional lights are added to the vehicle, the lights shall be
selected from the chassis manufacturer's standard matching hardware.
* Hydraulic fluid identification plate. When a body hydraulic system is furnished
and the hydraulic system requires fluid replenishment, a decal or plate shall be installed near the
filler cap and shall identify the type of hydraulic fluid to be used. (See
* Decals and data plates. The hydraulic fluid identification information and the
power takeoff caution notice shall be on a standard decal or plate from the supplier of that item or
shall conform to type I or type II, class 1 of MIL-M-43719 or composition A (class l or 2) or
composition C of MIL-P-514.

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