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Page Title: Engine coolant
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Trucks, Pipe and Sewer Cleaner: High Pressure Water Jet Type, 5680 Liter (1.500 Gallon), 12700 Kilograms
Tank connections

for the ambient air temperature at the delivery point; servicing of the cooling system in
accordance with; and servicing of the windshield washer reservoir with water and
appropriate additives.
* Engine coolant. The engine coolant shall be a solution of ethylene glycol
antifreeze and water or propylene glycol antifreeze and water, in equal parts of antifreeze and
water by volume. Ethylene glycol antifreeze shall conform to ASTM D 4985 with not more than
250 parts per million silicates. Propylene glycol antifreeze shall be in the specific formulation
approved by the engine and cooling system manufacturers. When specified (see 6.2), the
percentage of antifreeze in the cooling system shall be increased to provide protection against
freezing down to -54C (-65F).
3.5 Body. The body of the vehicle shall consist of a completely equipped pipe and sewer
cleaning unit of the high pressure, water-jet type. Components comprising the body assembly
shall include a water supply tank, a water pump (power takeoff or auxiliary engine driven), a high
pressure water system, a hose reel, and various associated equipment as specified herein. The
body shall be totally inclosed with adequate number of doors provided to permit access to the
engine, pumps, and operating components. A rear canopy, or door that when fully open locks into
a canopy position, shall be provided.
3.5.1 Body skirting. The body shall be of full skirted design. The skirting shall extend
down to approximately the center of the wheels and shall be provided on each side. The skirting
shall incorporate three or four underslung storage compartments, one on each side in the fore part
of the body skirting, and one or two in the aft part. Total cabinet inclosed volume shall be not less
than 999,600 cubic centimeters (cm3) (61,000 cubic inches). Compartment doors shall be
equipped with non-corrosive hinges and recessed paddle type locks. All cabinet locks shall be
keyed alike.
3.5.2 Tank. The tank shall be of not less than 5680 L (1500 gallon) capacity, and shall
have not less than six sections. The bottom 20 percent of the tank shall remain unbaffled. The
length of the tank shall provide proper load distribution on the front and rear axles of the chassis.
The tank shall have an elliptical or modified rectangular cross section. The tank shall be
fabricated from low-alloy steel. The tank shell shall be not less than 10 gage (3.416 mm)
(0.1345 inch) thickness. The tank heads shall be not less than 10 gage (3.416 mm) (0.1345 inch)
thickness and shall be dished or otherwise constructed to obtain equivalent strength. The tank
shall be of watertight, welded, smooth skin construction and shall withstand 20.7 kPa
(three pounds per square inch (psi)) pressure without leakage. The interior surfaces of the tank
(including the top) and the external surface (at the bottom) shall be coated with a fire cured baked
epoxy. Access opening(s) at the top of the tank, for purposes of inspection and cleaning, shall be

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