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Power-hydraulic type
Trucks, Tank: Fuel Servicing and Aircraft Fuel Servicing, 1,000 to 4,000 Gallon Diesel and Gasoline Engine Driven
Windshield wipers and washers

For model 4x2 and 6x4 vehicles only, automatic slack adjusters on cam type brakes
or internal self-adjusting brakes on wedge and disc type brakes. Air dryer. A replaceable cartridge desiccant type air dryer shall be installed in
the air brake system. The dryer shall have the capability of removing a minimum of 95 percent
of the moisture in the air being dried. The dryer shall have a pre-cooler and a filter to screen out
oil and solid contaminants. The dryer shall have an automatic self-cleaning cycle and a
thermostatically controlled heater to prevent icing of the purge valve. Brake controls for use from a towing vehicle. When specified for vehicles with
air brakes (see 6.2), the vehicle shall be furnished with a system for controlling the brakes from a
towing vehicle (wrecker). The installation shall be complete with air brake couplers, relay
emergency valve with no-bleed-back feature (except when spring applied emergency brake is
furnished), and additional air lines and fittings. The service and emergency couplers shall be
mounted on the front in a protected position providing for ready attachment of air hoses from a
towing vehicle. The service and emergency couplers shall be identified and provided with
dummy gladhand couplers with chains. The system shall not compromise conformance to any
Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation referenced herein or to any Federal Motor Vehicle
Safety Standard.
3.4.12 Cab. Unless otherwise specified, the chassis manufacturer shall furnish any type
of his standard or optional full-width cab. When specified (see 6.2), a cab with a forward tilting
hood and fender assembly, including tilting and locking mechanism, shall be furnished. When
specified (see 6.2), a tilt type cab, with tilting and locking mechanism, shall be furnished. Tilt
cab features shall be in accordance with the Employee Safety and Health Standards of Federal
Motor Carrier Safety Regulation 399, including the first step height, which shall be not more
than 24 inches. Cab doors shall be equipped with locks, operable from inside the cab through
mechanical linkage, and with at least the curbside door equipped with external, key-operated
lock. For vehicle types III and IV, the driver's door shall be equipped with a device to hold the
door open when the vehicle is stationary and pumping product fuel, to enable the driver to enter
the cab rapidly during emergency driveaway conditions. Drip rails shall be installed above the
cab doors. Safety grips or grab handles shall be provided on each side of the cab to assist
personnel in entering and leaving the cab. For tilt type cabs, provisions to facilitate cleaning the
windshield shall be provided by means of a bumper step or bumper step cutouts, and a grab
handle located under the windshield.
* Cab interior. Unless otherwise specified, the cab shall have upholstered,
full-width, adjustable seat and back or individual, adjustable driver's seat and individual
passenger seat. When specified (see 6.2), an individual adjustable driver's seat and an individual

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