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Page Title: Bottom loading adapter
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Bottom loading system
Trucks, Tank: Fuel Servicing and Aircraft Fuel Servicing, 1,000 to 4,000 Gallon Diesel and Gasoline Engine Driven
Skirting and hose tubes

3.5.14 Bottom loading adapter. Unless otherwise specified (see 6.2), the bottom loading
adapter shall be of the Y-type or of the elbow and tee type, capable of connection to both a
four-inch coupler conforming to API RP 1004 and to a 2.5 inch type D-1 nozzle conforming to
MIL-N-5877. The adapter shall have a dry break feature and shall be on the side of the vehicle
opposite the driving controls. The adapter shall be furnished with a bonded nose seal. The
adapter shall be provided with a poppet type, spring loaded check valve. The valve shall be full
swiveling and free floating, forming a fuel-resistant seal to prevent leakage. Dust caps, complete
with security cables or chains, shall be provided for the adapters. All parts of the adapters,
valves, caps, cables and chains shall be corrosion-resistant. Non-electrical interference type
interlocks shall be provided on air brake trucks to prevent movement of the vehicle when either
leg of the bottom loading adapter is engaged for loading or, on hydraulic brake trucks, to prevent
the engagement of either leg unless the parking brakes are set.
3.5.15 Emergency controls. The automatic flow control valve shall be operable by cable
linked controls. An opening and a quick acting closing control for each compartment shall be
located in the underslung cabinet. Controls shall be mounted to provide interference with one of
the doors of the underslung cabinet to ensure that the valve is closed when the cabinet door is
closed. In accordance with paragraph 4-14.4 of NFPA No. 407, remote, emergency,
quick-acting controls for closing the valve (but inoperable for opening) shall also be provided,
one set near the door on the driver's side outside the driver's cab, one set at the rear of the body
on the side opposite the driver's side and one set operable from the catwalk. The controls, except
the catwalk controls, shall be operable from a ground level standing position. Each control shall
be outlined by a contrasting color panel at least 12 inches square, identified with the words
"EMERGENCY SHUTOFF," and provided with indicator arrows or instructions such as
"PUSH," "PULL," or other appropriate wording. Identification and instruction wording shall be
in letters not less than 2 inches high. In addition, the controls shall have fusible links to ensure
automatic closing of the valves in case of fire. One set of fusible links shall be located near the
emergency valves and another set near the plumbing system in the underslung cabinet.
3.5.16 Catwalk. A flat catwalk of type 304 stainless steel, covered with a special
abrasive type of paint (ship's grip), shall be furnished over the full length of the top of the tank.
The catwalk walking surface shall be above the tank shell and shall not follow the curvature of
the top of the tank shell. Type 304 stainless steel liquid-tight flashing shall be installed around
the catwalk. The catwalk shall be provided with front and rear drains and stainless steel drain
lines on opposite sides of the vehicle and in such other locations as are necessary to prevent
liquids from standing on the catwalk and on top of the tank. Catwalks, flashing and drains shall
prevent the possibility of spilled fuel coming into contact with the exhaust system and exhaust
shields and shall prevent water from entering the tank. Drain lines shall be external to the tank
and shall be of not less than 1.5 inch stainless steel tubing. Drain outlets shall be located not less
than 3 feet away from the exhaust system.

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