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Skirting and hose tubes
Trucks, Tank: Fuel Servicing and Aircraft Fuel Servicing, 1,000 to 4,000 Gallon Diesel and Gasoline Engine Driven
Grooved-end pipe clamp couplings or flanges

construction to carry the required load and shall be of a size to house the plumbing system, meter
and except for type V, the delivery hose reel. Doors shall be side-hung and equipped with
hinges. Hinges shall have stainless steel hinge pins and stainless steel, bronze, nylon or nylon
insert sockets. Doors shall have countersunk locking handles and a two-point locking
mechanism keyed alike. Nozzle shall have rubber door bumpers, except the cabinet doors on
type III and IV aircraft refuelers shall have devices to hold the forwardmost doors open in a
position that does not restrict the operator's entry into the cab.
* Cabinet floor. The cabinet floor shall be constructed of flattened expanded
metal grating, weighing not less than 3 pounds per square foot or metal bar grating, type W-19-4,
conforming to Metal Bar Grating Manual ANSI/NAAMM MBG 531. Flooring shall be in
accordance with paragraph 4-3.9 of NFPA No. 401. Floors shall be designed to accept the loads
imposed by all installed equipment and shall be securely supported by appropriate structural
members. All fasteners and support structures shall be corrosion-resistant. The grating shall be
free of exposed sharp edges. Lights. In addition to the lighting specified in, the following lighting
and wiring requirements shall be furnished:
(a) The body electrical system shall comply with paragraphs 4-3.8.1 through 4.-3.8.4
and 4-3.8.6 of NFPA No. 407;
(b) A light shall be provided in each underslung cabinet;
(c) All wiring shall be in conduit with threaded joints, having waterproof and
vaporproof connections at the lamps and junction boxes, but not to include boxes
around the lights;
(d) When specified (see 6.2), the vehicle cab shall be provided with an automotive type,
6-inch sealed beam, roof or side mounted type spotlight. The spotlight shall be
located near the front corner of the cab roof on the side opposite the driver on types
I, II and V and on the driver's side on types III and IV. The spotlight shall swivel to
allow the light to illuminate the ground area to the rear and adjacent to the fuel
servicing compartments. The spotlight shall be removable for shipping purposes.
3.5.20 Piping and couplings. All piping between the tank compartment, pump
(except type V), and the plumbing system shall be not less than 2.5 inch inside diameter (id)
tubing with long sweep bends or 2.5 inch diameter (nominal) pipe with long radius elbows. All
piping between the tank compartment and the bottom loading adapter(s) shall be not less than
4-inch id tubing with long sweep bends or 4-inch nominal diameter pipe with long radius elbows.
Piping shall be of stainless steel or aluminum. The pumping system piping layout shall be
designed to facilitate maintenance of the pumping system and removal of components with
minimum disassembly of piping. Piping sections shall be easily removable for maintenance and
repair. Where required, piping connections shall be of the grooved (Victaulic or equal) type.

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