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Page Title: Grooved-end pipe clamp couplings or flanges
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Cabinet floor
Trucks, Tank: Fuel Servicing and Aircraft Fuel Servicing, 1,000 to 4,000 Gallon Diesel and Gasoline Engine Driven
Electrostatic discharge protection

Tank inlet and discharge piping shall comply with 49 CFR, section 178.340-8 of MC-306 for
accident damage protection against escape of contents. Piping shall be isolated from direct
contact with dissimilar metals at the point of connection with the tank body or the automatic flow
control valve. Tubing, pipe, galvanized coatings, gaskets and fittings shall not contaminate the
fuel or decompose from contact with fuels. The piping installation shall be designed to
withstand expansion and vibration without failure, and shall conform to the strength and other
requirements of 49 CFR, section 178.340 of MC-306. Grooved-end pipe clamp couplings or flanges. Clamp couplings or flanges, in
accordance with MIL-C-10387 (Victaulic or equal), shall be provided on the inlet and outlet
sides of the pump, meter, valves, and all other locations where flexible couplings are required. Pipe grooves for couplings. Pipe grooves for couplings shall be in accordance
with dimensions specified by MIL-P-10388, or by the coupling manufacturer. The groove and
outside diameters shall be concentric to each other. The groove and the ends of the pipe shall be
deburred to 0.003 to 0.020 inch chamfer or radius. The outside diameter of the pipe between the
groove and the end of the pipe shall be smooth without evidence of scale, seams, weld splatter,
digs, or scratches.
3.5.21 Suction stub. For types I through IV, the tank-to-pump suction line shall
incorporate a suction stub. The stub shall be a 2.5 inch size and shall be provided with a
manually operated shutoff valve, a 2.5 inch camlock quick-coupling, and a dust cap, in
accordance with MIL-C-27487. The suction stub and shutoff valve shall terminate in the cabinet
housing control panel, and shall be easily accessible to an operator standing on the ground. Suction stub strainer. The suction stub line shall incorporate a nonferrous type
40-mesh strainer. The strainer shall be rigidly constructed and adequately sized to allow the
rated flow at minimum pressure drop. The strainer screen shall be easily removable for cleaning
and inspection.
3.5.22 Drains. All sections of the fuel discharge system, including the pump and the
meter, shall be equipped with marked drain plugs. Drain plugs shall be located to assure
complete drainage and security from pilferage. Drains that can be opened from outside the
pumping compartments shall have provisions for locking the drain valves with a padlock.
3.5.23 Suction and gravity discharge hoses. The fuel servicing system shall be furnished
with four 10-foot lengths of 2.5 inch noncollapsible, wire-reinforced hose. The hoses shall be
provided with camlock quick-couplers and shall be stowed as specified in 3.5.16. The hoses
shall be in accordance with the requirements of 49 CFR, section 178.340-8.

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