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Page Title: Electrostatic discharge protection
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Grooved-end pipe clamp couplings or flanges
Trucks, Tank: Fuel Servicing and Aircraft Fuel Servicing, 1,000 to 4,000 Gallon Diesel and Gasoline Engine Driven
Operating instructions

MIL-T-62032H Speed ends. Each fuel servicing system shall be furnished with two speed ends
equipped with 2.5 inch, camlock, quick couplings and elbows, and each shall be 36 inches long.
One speed end shall have a tubing size of 2.375 inch outside diameter (od) and one shall have a
tubing size of 1.875 inch od. In addition, each fuel servicing system for type III and IV vehicles
shall include a speed end with a tubing size of one inch. All tubing shall be nonsparking.
3.5.24 Electrostatic discharge protection. Electrostatic discharge protection, equivalent
to paragraph 4-3.2 of NFPA No. 407, shall be provided. Bonding straps shall be provided
between the tank, all plumbing, and the vehicle chassis (see Brass static lugs shall be
provided at the side of the manhole. When a filler/separator is furnished, provisions shall be
made to dissipate electrostatic electrical charges generated in the product fuel during filtration.
A charge relaxation chamber providing a charge relaxation time (fuel-to-metal contact) of not
less than 30 seconds shall be provided, downstream of the filter/separator and upstream of the
hose reel. (See API RP 2003). Ground cable reel. A ground cable reel shall be installed in a location that will
permit easy withdrawal and recovery of the grounding wire. The cable reel shall contain a
ratchet for retaining the ground cable in any extended position so that tension is not maintained
on the ground cable. The reel shall have an outlet guide. The reel shall be furnished with a
grounding cable approximately 80 feet long, plus "Y" ends 20 feet long. The "Y" ends shall be
equipped with clamp connectors for electrically connecting the truck to ground and the truck to
the unit being serviced. The clamp connectors shall conform to MIL-C-83413, part number
M83413. The cable shall be No. 12 stranded copper, or 0.094 inch diameter 7x7 stainless or
galvanized steel. The cable shall be covered with petroleum-resistant rubber or nylon. The free
end of the cable shall be provided with an elastomeric bumper (ball). The ground cable reel shall
be located in the underslung cabinet. Ground cable reel mounting surfaces shall be free of paint
and contamination, and shall be securely mounted to the cabinet so as to prevent the cable reel
assembly from being pulled away from its mountings. A warning plate shall be attached to the
cable reel, stating: "WALK BACK GROUNDING CABLE TO REEL."
3.5.25 Identification and instruction plates. Identification, instruction, schematic
diagram and chart-type plates shall be permanently attached and located so as to be accessible
and visible to the operator. All plates shall conform to composition A (class 1 or 2) or
composition C of MIL-P-514. The plates shall be securely installed with corrosion-resistant
metal fasteners. Plates shall be masked prior to painting. All valves, switches, levers, controls
and other devices used in the operation of the fuel servicing system shall be properly identified
by identification plates. The identification and instruction plates shall incorporate a numerical or

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