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Page Title: Dispensing hose
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Operating instructions
Trucks, Tank: Fuel Servicing and Aircraft Fuel Servicing, 1,000 to 4,000 Gallon Diesel and Gasoline Engine Driven
Type I pumping system operation

commercial quality, with internal components compatible with gasoline, diesel fuel, and turbine
fuel. The hose reel shall be mounted in an underslung cabinet on the side of the vehicle opposite
of the driving controls. Provisions shall be made for a properly stowed and secured hose nozzle
after the hose has been wound on the reel. Dispensing hose. The hose reel shall be equipped with 100 feet of 1.5 inch id
noncollapsible commercial hose, compatible with the fuels listed in 3.6.1.
* Type I delivery nozzle. The delivery end of the hose shall be equipped with an
aluminum-copper, sparkproof metal nozzle having a 1-1/2 inch inlet. The nozzle shall be
trigger-action operated, and shall have a rigid nozzle tube. Unless otherwise specified, the
nozzle shall be furnished without notches, with a 100 mesh strainer, and shall be rated for not
less than 100 gpm. When specified (see 6.2), the nozzle shall be of the automatic shutoff type
with notches, without strainer, rated at not less than 75 gpm, OPW Model 1290 or equal.
* Dust caps. Each faucet and nozzle shall be provided with a dust cap, complete
with corrosion resistant security chain or cable.
3.6.2 Pump and strainer. A positive displacement rotary pump shall be furnished. The
pump shall provide a flow of not less than 100 gpm at a hose nozzle rated at 100 gpm at a power
takeoff output shaft speed of not more than 1,000 rpm. The pump shall have 2.5 inch minimum
suction and 2-inch minimum discharge openings. The pump shall have replaceable, lapped,
carbon ring, mechanical seals to protect externally lubricated bearings from fuel. The pump shall
incorporate a bypass pressure regulator with a pressure control adjustable from 50 to 75 psi. The
bypass pressure regulator shall be capable of limiting the pressure rise to 25 percent of the
desired discharge pressure. A 2.5 inch line strainer with brass screen shall be installed upstream
of the pump. The pump shall be provided with a drain. Pump installation. The product fuel pump shall be installed under the cargo tank
and shall be driven from the power takeoff (see An engine hand throttle, operable from
the cab, shall be furnished and permanently set to limit the engine speed to the speed required for
rated flow capacity of the tank product fuel pump. Mechanical or air-operated nonelectrical
interlocks shall be provided to prevent movement of the vehicle when the power takeoff is
3.6.3 Measuring meter. A 100 gpm positive displacement meter shall be provided,
having a built in strainer and air release, and shall be calibrated for handling diesel fuel, turbine
fuel, or gasoline. When specified (see 6.2), the meter shall be calibrated for the specified fuel.
The meter shall have a 2-inch inlet and outlet and shall be accurate within 1 percent at 50 gpm
flow rate and accurate within 2 percent at other flow rates between 25 gpm and 100 gpm. The

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