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Page Title: Type II dual gravity discharge provisions
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Type II two-compartment tank
Trucks, Tank: Fuel Servicing and Aircraft Fuel Servicing, 1,000 to 4,000 Gallon Diesel and Gasoline Engine Driven
Dry break coupling

MIL-T-62032H Type II dual gravity discharge provisions. Each compartment shall be equipped
for gravity discharge in accordance with
3.7.6 Type II plumbing system. Two separate plumbing systems shall be installed. The
one for the forward tank compartment shall be in the right underslung cabinet, with the system
for the rear tank compartment in the left underslung cabinet. Each system shall conform to the
type I system of 3.6.5.
3.8 Type III tank body (aircraft fuel servicing). The type III tank body shall conform to
the basic tank body requirements as specified in 3.5 through A single compartment
body shall be furnished. The additional aircraft fuel servicing requirements specified in 3.8.1
through shall also apply. Where the requirements herein conflict with NFPA No. 407,
the NFPA No. 407 requirements shall take precedence.
3.8.1 Type III dispensing hose and reel. One manually driven dispensing hose reel shall
be provided. The hose reel shall be of commercial aviation refueler quality. The hose reel shall
be provided with 50 feet of 2-inch noncollapsible hose. The hose shall be of commercial
aviation refueler quality conforming to paragraph 3-1 of NFPA No. 407, suitable for auction
defueling at 80 gpm. The hose reel shall be mounted in the underslung cabinet on the same side
of the truck as the driver's controls. The reel shall be of multiwrap or grooved design. The hose
reel inlet connections shall be grooved. Hose reel components coming into contact with fuel
shall be of nonferrous materials. A nozzle holder with an air-operated brake interlock shall be
provided to prevent truck movement when the underwing hose nozzle is not stowed in place, in
accordance with paragraph 4-9.10 of NFPA No. 407. A guarded toggle switch shall be provided
on the truck cab instrument panel within reach of the driver to override the nozzle brake
interlock. The switch shall be identified as to function and switch position. Emergency dry brake connector. An emergency dry break connector of the
frangible or shear pin type shall be provided between the hose end dry break coupling in
and the fuel nozzles specified in and, to permit the truck to drive away in the
event of fire, leaving the sealed off nozzle connected to the aircraft. Both halves of the
connector shall seal instantly on breakaway, eliminating fuel spillage from either the nozzle or
the delivery hose. The connector shall separate when subjected to an emergency load of not less
than 150 pounds and not more than 250 pounds. It shall be possible for the separated connector
halves to then be manually removed from the nozzle and hose, and the hose reconnected to the
nozzle using the dry break coupling specified in Normal fueling operations shall be
possible without the emergency breakaway provision. Replacement of the shear pin shall permit
re-use of the emergency dry break connector. The emergency dry break connector shall be
similar or equal to Aeroquip Corporation part number AE82129R.

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