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Page Title: Hydraulic pump
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Brake wiring
Trailer, Cargo: With Hydraulic Lift Body, 2,000 Pound Payload, 2 Wheel, Commercial
Quality Assurance Provisions

3.14.3 Hydraulic pump. The trailer shall be provided with a hand operated pump hydraulic
lift unit. The hydraulic lift unit shall be capable of lowering the cargo body to ground level and
raising the cargo body not less than 16 inches to travel position. The hydraulic lift unit shall
elevate the cargo body, with rated payload, from ground level to travel position in not more than
35 seconds. Means shall be provided to retain the body in travel position. Guards shall be
provided to prevent damage to the hydraulic system. Raising and lowering of the cargo body
loaded with the specified payload shall not require more than 20 pound-feet of torque applied to
the pump lever. The hand operated hydraulic pump shall be provided with built-in reservoir and
shall be completely sealed to prevent dirt from entering the system. The hydraulic cylinder system
shall be provided with external seals to wipe plungers clean and keep out foreign matter. When
specified (see 6.2), an electric hydraulic pump shall be furnished.
3.14.4 Body mounting. The body shall be mounted in accordance with manufacturer's
standard commercial practice.
3.14.5 Fenders. The vehicle shall have fenders over the wheels. The fenders shall have inside
shields and shall have sufficient crown to control mud and water from splashing on the chassis and
trailer body.
*  3.14.6 Tarpaulin and bows. When specified (see 6.2), the trailer shall be furnished with stake
pockets, bows, tarpaulin and tie down ropes. Not less than five bows shall be furnished. The
bows shall be of the knockdown type constructed of metal or of hardwood and metal components
and shall provide an inside height of not less than 60 inches, measured from the floor to inside of
the tarpaulin at the center. The tarpaulin shall cover the body, with bows in place, mid extend
down the exterior sides, front, and rear to at least 3 inches below the top edge of the body panels.
The front and rear tarpaulin sections shall be the roll tip type. The tarpaulin shall be fabricated
from waterproof and fireproof number 8 cotton duck. When specified (see 6.2), the tarpaulin
shall be fabricated from vinyl coated nylon or polyester material not less than 18 ounces weight
per square yard.
3.14.7 Controls and operating mechanisms. All controls and operating mechanisms shall be
located for easy maintenance and replacement and shall be identified as to their function.
3.15 Lubrication. All moving parts normally requiring lubrication shall be provided with
suitable means for such lubrication. Lubrication fittings shall be standard commercial type with a
surface-check ball.
*  3.16 Mud flaps. Mud flaps shall be provided to the rear of the wheels in accordance with
SAE J682. A metal strip not less than 0.125 inch thick and not less than 1 inch wide, extending
the entire width of the mud flap, shall be installed to prevent the bolt heads or bolt nuts from
damaging the mud flap. As an alternate method of attaching the mud flaps, tabs or clips with
minimum surface contact dimensions of 1 inch high by 1.25 inch wide by 0.094 inch thick, shall be
furnished at each bolt.

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