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Silicone brake fluid
Truck: Compact Forward Control Van, Recruiter 5,400 Pounds GVW, 4x2, Commercial
Power plant heaters

3.2.7 Wheelbase. The wheelbase shall be not less than 105 inches.
*  3.2.8 Accessibility. The design of the vehicle and optional equipment shall permit access for
routine servicing and shall permit access for replacement of component parts and accessories
with minimal disturbance of other components and systems.
3.2.9 Asbestos. Asbestos materials shall not be used in any form in any part of the vehicle.
3.3 Performance.
*  3.3.1 Speeds and gradeability. The vehicle shall maintain a high speed of not less than
58 miles per hour (mph) on smooth, approximately level, hard surface roads. The vehicle shall
be capable of ascending grades of at least 20 percent in low-speed range. Speed and
gradeability requirements shall be met with vehicle loaded to specified GVW.
*  3.3.2 Service brakes. The service brakes shall control and hold the vehicle, when loaded to
its specified GVW, on a 30 percent grade. The service brakes shall stop the vehicle, loaded the
specified GVW, within the stopping distance requirements of Federal Motor Carrier Safety
Regulation 393.52.
3.4 Chassis components.
*  3.4.1 Engine. The engine shall be a liquid cooled, internal combustion, four-stroke cycle,
gasoline type, with not less than six cylinders. The engine shall develop not less than 100 net
brake horsepower at manufacturer's recommended governed speed and shall have a net torque
rating of not less than 170 pound-feet. Engine net torque and net horsepower ratings shal1 be
in accordance with SAE J1349. The engine shall develop the specified torque and horsepower
when operated on unleaded fuel with a research octane rating of 91 or motor method rating of 83.
The engine shall be capable of warranted operation on unleaded fuel when used in accordance
with the operator's manual. Unless otherwise specified or required by foreign laws, vehicles for
overseas use shall be capable of accepting and operating on leaded gasoline.
* Cooling system. The cooling system shall maintain engine coolant at a temperature
below the boiling point with the vehicle loaded to rated GVW and operated at an altitude of
10,000 feet above sea level or in an ambient temperature of not less than 125 degrees Fahrenheit
(F). A coolant level indicator consisting of an unbreakable translucent reservoir shall be
provided in a position readily visible for checking the coolant level. The translucent reservoir
shall be part of the coolant recovery system.

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