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Page Title: Auxiliary 120-volt ac power sources
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Interior trim
Truck: Compact Forward Control Van, Recruiter 5,400 Pounds GVW, 4x2, Commercial
Servicing and adjusting

3.5.5 Auxiliary 120-volt ac power sources. An inverter capable of converting the 12-volt dc
vehicle power to not less than 200-watt, 120-volt ac, single phase, 60 hertz power shall be
provided. In addition, a three-pronged (male) weatherproof slave receptacle for receiving
external 120-volt ac power and grounding the vehicle shall be installed outside the vehicle on the
curbside. A switch for operator selection of the inverter output or external power through the
slave receptacle to energize the 120-volt ac interior receptacle and fluorescent lights (see
and shall be provided. When specified (see 6.2), the inverter shall be of the capacity
required to operate the audio-visual aids specified, in lieu of 200 watts. All electrical
installations and methods shall conform to the applicable sections and articles of the National
Electrical Code. Interior electrical receptacle. A standard 120-volt ac grounded duplex receptacle
shall be installed inside the vehicle, below the street side windows, approximately midway in the
cargo space. Fluorescent lights. Three 120-volt ac, 20-watt fluorescent lights shall be provided.
The fixtures shall be alined parallel to the sides of the vehicle. One unit shall be located on each
side of the vehicle, mounted to the side of center, and spaced to give even illumination. One
unit shall be located near the desk. A light switch shall be provided, operable from the driver's
seat. Lights and fixtures shall not project more than 4 inches below the original vehicle roof.
3.5.6 Auxiliary 24-volt system with radio outlet. When specified (see 6.2), an auxiliary
24-volt system with a shielded wiring harness and radio outlet shall be furnished. The receptacle
shall conform to Drawing 7722352, and shall be marked with pressure sensitive tape: "24 VOLT
RADIO OUTLET." The receptacle shall be located on the side opposite the driver on the
instrument panel in the cab. The shielded wiring harness shall be connected to the receptacle and
the 24-volt system. The auxiliary 24-volt system output capacity shall be not less than
20 amperes. A converter type power supply, operable from the vehicle electrical system, shall be
3.5.7 Joint Optical Information Network (JOIN). When specified (see 6.2), the recruiting
van shall be designed and constructed to accept the Joint Optical Information Network (JOIN)
and a mobile telephone communication system. Storage space of not less than 75 cubic feet and
of adequate dimensions to allow for the storage of the components of the JOIN system when the
system is not in use shall be provided. Positive fasteners shall be provided within the storage
areas to lock equipment in place and protect the equipment from undue stress and vibration while
in transit. A collapsible work table of not less than 26 inches in height, 35.5 inches deep, and
54 inches long shall be provided. The work table surface shall withstand a load of not less than
300 pounds without evidence of deformation, warpage, or breakage. A space of 26 inches above
the work table shall be free of encumberances and shall accommodate space for a printer, video

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