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Page Title: Chassis mounted rear winch (type I, stake and platform)
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Controls and operating mechanisms
Trucks: Elevating Body, Diesel and Gasoline Engine Driven, 21,000 to 39,500 Pounds GVW, 4x2 and 6x4 Commercial
Body mounted rear winch (type I stake and platform)

3.4.22 Fire extinguisher. When specified (see 6.2), two ten-pound, dry chemical portable
fire extinguishers shall be furnished. The fire extinguishers shall be of the gas cartridge-operated
type for class B and C fires. The fire extinguishers shall be in accordance with type II, class 2,
size 10, of A-A-393, having a UL classification of 30B:C. Brackets for two extinguishers shall
be furnished, whether fire extinguishers are provided or not.
3.4.23 Engine hour meter. An engine hour meter having a totalizing mechanism of not less
than 9,999 hours shall be furnished for the chassis engine to register accurately the number of
hours of operating time. The meter shall be of rugged construction to insure trouble-free
performance under severe operating conditions. The engine hour meter shall be mounted on the
vehicle cab instrument panel or in the engine compartment in a readable location.
3.4.24 Back-up alarm. A back-up alarm shall be provided with an audible, pulsating,
signaling device (electrical or mechanical) to caution personnel when the vehicle is in reverse
gear operation.
*  3.4.25 Chassis mounted rear winch (type I, stake and platform). When specified (see 6.2),
type I stake and platform vehicle shall be furnished with a winch assembly, mounted on chassis
frame at the rear of the cab, forward of the body. The winch shall be powered by the
manufacturer's standard power takeoff or shall be hydraulically driven. The winch shall conform
to SAE J706. The winch shall be of the single drum type suitable for hoisting purposes and shall
have one forward and one reverse speed. The winch shall have a rated single line pull capacity
of not less than 20,000 pounds on the bare drum. The winch shall be wound with not less than
185 feet of 5/8-inch diameter, preformed 6X37, improved plow steel, wire strand core wire rope
and shall be equipped with an end chain and hook. An adjustable, automatic safety brake shall
be provided. The winch shall be equipped with a 4-way roller guide assembly. Angles of the
winch drive line U-joints shall be not more than 16-1/2 degrees. Two sets of winch controls
shall be furnished. Each set shall include the following: throttle control; engine master clutch
control (manual transmission only); controls for starting, stopping, and reversing the winch; and
power takeoff control. One set of controls shall be located in the cab and shall be so located as
to provide no interference with the entrance or exit of the driver. The second set of controls shall
be mounted on the curbside at the rear. The second set of controls shall be recessed under the
body, accessible with the operator standing on the ground at the vehicle curbside. All controls
shall be identified. Winch drum guard. A winch drum guard shall be furnished. The winch drum
guard shall restrict the cable to the area between the drum flanges. The guard shall consist of not
less than 1/4-inch vertical side plates, conforming to the outside radius of the drum flanges.
Six bars, 3/8 inch by 1-1/4 inches, shall be welded to the vertical side plates. Three bars shall be

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