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Hydraulic valving
Trucks: Elevating Body, Diesel and Gasoline Engine Driven, 21,000 to 39,500 Pounds GVW, 4x2 and 6x4 Commercial
Telescopic ladder

adjustable throttle valve (flow control) shall be located as close as practicable to the lift
cylinder(s) to limit and control the downspeed. The throttle valve shall be rated for not less than
three times the working pressure and shall be equipped with a lock screw or jam nut to hold the
desired preset. When two lift cylinders are provided, a manifold shall distribute equal pressure
and flow rate and shall provide for simultaneous operation of the cylinders. Controls. Hoist controls shall be electrically operated and shall be of the dead man
type. Means shall be provided for manual operation of the controls in the event of an electrical
failure. The controls shall be metered to provide gradual starting and stopping of the hoist and to
eliminate shock due to start and stop. Control location. Two sets of controls for raising, stopping and lowering the body
shall be provided. One set shall be readily accessible to an operator standing on the ground and
shall be at the rear end of the body for type I stake and platform, and at the front end of the body
for type II van. The second set shall be in the cab, readily accessible to an operator in the driver's
seat. The control being operated shall override the idle control. Outriggers. Class E vehicles shall be provided with four outriggers. For all other
classes, if required to insure adequate stability with relation to the ground under the conditions
specified in,, and, outriggers shall be provided. Outriggers shall be double
acting and hydraulically operated. Interlocks shall be provided, allowing the body to raise to the
maximum stable height and the vehicle to move (without outriggers) before the vehicle must be
stopped and the outriggers must be extended, to enable the body to raise to its full height.
Additional interlocks shall be provided to prevent the transmission from engaging a forward or
reverse gear when the outriggers are down. Outrigger controls shall be installed in a readily
accessible location allowing operation from the driver's seat. Outrigger cylinders, hydraulic
fittings, hoses and pilot check valves shall be protected by metal guards and shall be accessible
for service. An automatic pilot check valve shall be provided for each outrigger to block the
hydraulic fluid in the cylinder and to prevent movement of the outriggers in the event of a
damaged hydraulic line. Each outrigger shall be provided with an automatic, positive,
spring-actuated lock, or an automatic pilot check valve which will hold the outrigger in the
retracted position without settling and which may be manually released. Each outrigger shall be
provided with a ground pad. Ground pads shall be of the hinged or fixed type, each not less than
64 square inches in area.
*  3.5.7 Tool storage cabinet. A tool storage cabinet shall be furnished. The storage cabinet
shall be capable of stowing the tools as specified in (if tools are required or not), load
restraint devices, anti-skid chains, power cables, and emergency reflective triangles. The storage
cabinet shall be weatherproof. The storage cabinet shall be fabricated of steel not less than

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