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Body interior
Trucks: Elevating Body, Diesel and Gasoline Engine Driven, 21,000 to 39,500 Pounds GVW, 4x2 and 6x4 Commercial
Platform bumper

of not less than 12 inches in width by 18 inches in height. The glass shall be safety plate grade.
The windows shall be located midway between the roof and the longitudinal centerline of the
3.7.8 Window guard. Window guards shall be furnished on the inside of each window. The
window guards shall be enclosed in an aluminum frame, and hinged to the body. A cam type
latch shall be furnished. Screening for the windows shall be aluminum and shall have openings
of not less than 0.437 inch.
3.7.9 Roll-up overhead rear door. A roll-up overhead rear door shall be provided. The door
shall provide a clear opening of not less than 80 inches in width and not less than 72 inches in
height. The door shall be of the sectional type having not less than six sections. Door sections
shall incorporate joints of a tapered tongue-and-groove or shiplap type. The door shall be
plastic-covered or aluminum-covered 3/4-inch marine plywood construction. Door section
corrosion-resistant hinges shall be mounted on the inside of the door, not less than four hinges at
each section joint. The door track shall be manufacturer's standard corrosion-resistant type
equipped with a positive stop at the end of the track. Door rollers, a counter-balance unit, and
cables of corrosion-resistant construction shall be provided. The door shall be weather-tight and
shall close not less than 1/4 inch below the floor level. A heavy duty corrosion-resistant
cam-operated lever type key lock shall be provided. One heavy duty corrosion-resistant grab
handle, closed type, shall be provided on the left outside bottom of the door. One nylon double
loop pull-down strap not less than 2 inches wide and 12 inches in length shall be provided and
located adjacent to the door lock. The door shall be capable of being locked and unlocked from
inside and outside the body.
3.7.10 Roll-up overhead front door. A roll-up overhead door, centrally located at the front
of the body, shall be furnished. The door shall provide a clear opening of not less than 48 inches
in width and 72 inches in height. The door shall meet the requirements of 3.7.9, except as
specified herein. A structural frame member covered with flattened expanded metal shall be
installed in back of the vehicle chassis cab in alinement with the front door of the body. The
expanded metal shall be not less than 16 gage (0.0598 inch) and shall have an opening of not
more than 1-1/2 inches, measured across the narrow part of the opening. The perimeter of the
expanded metal shall be provided with a moulding to cover the raw edges. Frame height shall be
up to the chassis cab rear window.
* 3.7.11 Front platform. A platform shall be furnished for front-end loading. The platform
shall extend far enough forward so that the vehicle operator, seated in the driver's seat in the
vehicle cab, can see the front edge of the platform when the platform is at the extreme elevated
height specified in table V. The platform shall be the same width as the elevating body. The

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