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Page Title: Rear-mounted pintle assembly
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receptacle. The crossmember shall be inscribed for the location of the air and electrical
connectors. The crossmember shall be capable of accepting the loads imposed and the mounting
depicted in SAE J849. Instruction shall be provided in the manual for the vehicle. A drawbar
test to verify that the crossmember shall meet or exceed a pull of 60,000 pounds shall be
conducted. Rear-mounted pintle assembly. When specified (see 6.2), a rear-mounted pintle
assembly shall be furnished. The pintle assembly shall be of the swivel type and conform to
MS51117. The assembly shall be furnished with mounting flanges and lubrication fittings. The
pintle assembly shall be mounted forward, but not more than four inches forward, of the
rearmost part of the vehicle. The pintle assembly shall be mounted 34 inches above ground
level, plus or minus one inch, measured at the centerline of the pintle shaft, to provide a lunette
height on a dolly drawbar of 32 to 36 inches above ground level. Mounting shall include
reinforcements to transfer pintle loads directly to the web of the chassis frame. Pintle assembly
shall be mounted so as not to damage the drawbar of the dolly and shall be capable of assuming
an angle of not less than 70 degrees with the horizontal axis of the vehicle without damage to the
vehicle. Air connectors for a dolly or full trailer brake, and the lighting receptacles conforming
to SAE J560 with cover assembly, shall be mounted in a readily accessible and protected
location near the rear pintle. The two towing devices specified in shall be employed for
use of safety chains that are secured to the dolly or full trailer drawbar. Receptacles and air
connectors shall be located as specified in SAE J849. Pintle location shall be as specified herein. Electromagnetic interference (EMI). When specified (see 6.2), electromagnetic
interference suppression shall be furnished. The vehicle shall be suppressed to the level
specified in paragraph 4.1.2, Notice 4 of MIL-STD-461, Radiated Emission Requirement REO 5,
at a distance of two meters referenced in Table VIII, with limits shown in Figures 13 and 18, and
Conducted Emission Requirement CEO 7, limit of Figure A-4. In addition, when arctic
provisions specified in are furnished, the operation of the installed arctic provisions
shall not cause the overall vehicle electromagnetic interference characteristics to fail to meet
paragraph 4.1.2 of Notice 4 of MIL-STD-461. The vehicle air horn, turn signals and starter are
excluded. Radio interference suppression. Unless otherwise specified in, the vehicle
shall be suppressed to limit electromagnetic radiation in accordance with SAE J551. Suppressors
used shall be in accordance with SAE J552.

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