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Page Title: Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards
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MIL-T-62255C(AT) Lubricants and fuel. Military equivalent of commercial recommended lubricants
and fuel shall be depicted on a plate (see and installed in a readily accessible and
visible location in the vehicle cab. The plate shall indicate ambient temperature range for the
various lubricants and fuel. First aid kit. First aid kit shall be furnished and installed in the vehicle cab in an
accessible location. First aid kit shall conform to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation
393.96, Type B, Commercial Type Kit. The first aid kit shall be constructed of aluminum and as
specified in 393.86 (1) through 393.86 (7).
3.2 General design.
3.2.1 Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standars. Vehicle and furnished accessories and
components shall comply with all applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards in effect
on the date of manufacture, except as specified herein.
3.2.2 Air pollution control. Vehicle shall comply with the Environmental Protection Agency
Regulations governing control of air pollution from New Motor Vehicles and New Motor
Vehicle Engines in effect on the date of manufacture. In addition, vehicles shall comply with the
State of California Regulations governing air pollution control in effect on the date of
manufacture as applicable. Vehicle shall be labeled.
3.2.3 Sound level. The vehicle shall be labeled indicating that the interior and exterior noise
level meets the requirements specified in and Interior sound level. Interior sound level shall be measured in accordance with
Table I, Category D of MIL-STD-1474, and shall be less than 85 db (A). Interior noise level
shall be tested with the windows, vents and door in the open position and in the closed position,
as stated in of MIL-STD-1474. Exterior sound level. Exterior sound level shall be in accordance with the
Environmental Protection Agency Noise Emission Standards for Transportation Industry,
Part III, Title 40, Chapter I, Part 205.
3.2.4 Vehicle components subjected to climatic environment. Vehicle components and
material that will be subjected to climatic environment shall be capable of accepting the
requirements specified in Table I without evidence of deformation, cracking or unusual wear,
and shall not affect the vehicle warranty as expressed in procurement documents.

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