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Page Title: Elevating hydraulic fifth wheel
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3.5.4 Grating plate. A steel walkway grating plate shall be furnished. The plate shall cover
the area forward of the hydraulic fifth wheel assembly; width of the frame and the fuel tank. The
plate shall be secured with corrosion resistant hand operated toggle clamps to facilitate
maintenance of the fuel tank(s) and areas below the plate. The plate shall be located as close to
the back of the vehicle cab as possible and extend rearward to the maximum length practicable.
When a step fuel tank is provided, the top of the tank inward of the tank outlet fittings that are
not protected, shall be provided with removable guards to preclude damage to tank fittings.
Guards may be secured if fittings are accessible for service. Provisions to allow access of
personnel climbing onto the plate from the sides of the vehicle cab shall be provided. Access
holes with grommets, located for maintenance of fittings and other components shall be
furnished. The plate shall be of sufficient structural strength for the use intended. The plate
toggle clamps shall be bolted, and not welded, to any chassis frame member.
3.5.5 Elevating hydraulic fifth wheel. When specified (see 6.2), an elevating hydraulic fifth
wheel shall be furnished. The fifth wheel shall be capable of elevating from down position to
elevating position at least 31 inches, and from ground level at least 79 inches. The elevating fifth
wheel shall meet the requirements specified in 3.5, 3.5.1, 3.5.2 and 3.5.3.
3.6 Servicing and adjusting. Prior to acceptance of the vehicle by the Government Inspector,
contractor shall service and adjust each vehicle for operational use including at least the
following: Focusing of lights, adjustment of the engine, electrical 12 and 28 volt system, and
power plant heaters; and brake system; filling and charging of battery; alinement and balancing
of the front wheels; inflation of all tires; cycling the fifth wheel assembly through its entire range
of elevations; complete lubrication of chassis, engine and running gear, fifth wheel plate and the
kingpin activating mechanism with grades of lubricants recommended for the ambient air
temperature at the delivery point; servicing of cooling system with a solution of ethylene glycol
and water in equal parts by volume; servicing of windshield washer reservoir with water and
appropriate additives; visual inspection to verify that no accessory or component will interfere
with any other accessory or component under dynamic conditions; and that all fasteners are in
place and torqued for their respective size.
3.7 Safety. All equipment, or exposed portions of the equipment which are subject to
extreme temperatures; rotating or reciprocating parts which are of such a nature or so lubricated
as to become a hazard to operating personnel, shall be insulated, fully enclosed or properly

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