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Page Title: Fuel and water separator
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MIL-T-62276C Air cleaner. An air cleaner shall be furnished. Fuel tank(s). The vehicle shall be equipped with fuel tank(s) of not less than
75 gallons total capacity. In addition, fuel tank capacity shall exceed 75 gallons if required to
provide for not less than 200 miles operating range with the vehicle loaded to specified GCW.
When more than one tank is furnished, means shall be provided to assure an equalized fuel level in
both tanks. Fuel filters. Fuel filters shall be furnished. Primary and secondary fuel filters shall be
furnished when the manufacturer's standard.
* Fuel and water separator. When specified (see 6.2), in addition to the manufacturer's
standard fuel filters, a fuel and water separator shall be furnished. The separator shall include a
water coalescer and a drain valve. When a separator is required, a combination filter/separator
unit may be furnished.
3.4.4 Exhaust system. The exhaust system shall conform to Federal Motor Carrier Safety
Regulation 393.83. The tailpipe shall be vertically mounted at the rear of the cab and shall be
furnished with a heat shield and a hinged rain cap. The tailpipe shall extend approximately
12 inches above the top of the cab, but not exceeding a vehicle height of 150 inches. Unless
otherwise specified (see 6.2), a spark arrester having a 80 percent arresting efficiency when rated
in accordance with SAE J350 shall be furnished, except on turbocharged engines. When specified
(see 6.2), a spark arrester shall be furnished on turbocharged engines to complement the spark
arresting qualities of the turbocharger. Maximum exhaust system restriction, as established by the
engine manufacturer, shall not be exceeded. Pyrometer (s). The vehicle shall be provided with a pyrometer in the engine exhaust
manifold. When a "V" type engine is furnished, a pyrometer shall be furnished in each exhaust
manifold. When a turbocharged engine is furnished, an additional pyrometer shall be installed on
the exhaust side of the turbocharger. When two or three pyrometers are furnished, the gages shall
be incorporated in one housing. The gage(s) shall be mounted on the instrument panel.
3.4.5 Automatic transmission. The vehicle shall be provided with an automatic
transmission. The input torque capacity of the transmission shall be at least equal to the maximum
torque delivered by the engine. The transmission shall include a hydraulic torque converter and
not less than five forward gear ratios. Normal driving range selector position shall provide not
less than four gear ratios without movement of the selector. The transmission shall be provided
with a power takeoff opening. A transmission oil cooler system shall be provided. The
transmission shall be provided with a built-in hydraulic retarder.

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