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Page Title: Rear and fourth axle Lubrication
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3.4.6 Driveline components. Driveline components shall be adequate to transmit the
maximum delivered torque of the engine, as developed through the maximum gear train reduction.
3.4.7 Frame. The chassis frame shall be a reinforced or heavy duty type, capable of
supporting the loads specified in 3.2.8 and Reinforcement, when provided, shall extend
at least from the rear of the front suspension rear hanger bracket to the bogie trunnion mounting
bracket. A heavy duty frame shall have frame rails of greater section modulus than the
manufacturer's standard for the class vehicle furnished and shall provide structural strength at
least equivalent to the reinforced frame.
3.4.8 Suspension. The vehicle shall be equipped with a suspension system with components
having a rated capacity at least equal to that specified in 3.2.6 and to the load imposed on each
member, measured at the ground, with the vehicle loaded to specified GVW. When spring
capacity is rated at the spring pads, unsprung weight shall be deducted.
3.4.9 Axles. Axle ratings shall be at least equal to those specified in 3.2.6 and to the load
imposed on each axle, measured at the ground, with the vehicle loaded to specified GVW. Rear and fourth axle Lubrication. The front and fourth axle wheal bearings shall be
oil-lubricated. The oil type and viscosity shall be in accordance with the manufacturer's
recommendations. The hub caps shall have windows for visual determination of the oil level.
Provisions for venting and replenishing the oil supply shall be incorporated. The hubs shall be
fitted with seals. Rear bogie. The rear bogie shall be of the four-wheel type, complete with axles,
springs, torque rods and all other necessary parts. The bogie shall be provided with means for
permitting differential action between the two axles. A manually or automatically controlled
lockout, assuring equal power to each rear axle, shall be provided. The manual lockout control
used shall be located in the cab and shall be provided with a guard to prevent accidental actuation.
A warning light for the lockout control shall be provided on the instrument panel. The rear bogie
axle spacing, measured from the centerline of the forward rear axle to the centerline of the rear
axle, shall be not less than 51 inches and not more than 55 inches. The rear bogie axles shall be of
the one- or two-speed type, with the two-speed type equipped with electric, vacuum or air shift.
Axles shall be provided with gear ratio(s) that will permit proper gear selection and the
performance specified in 3.3.1 through A temperature gage shall be provided for each
bogie axle and shall be mounted on the instrument panel. Fourth axle. The fourth axle shall be a spring up, air pressure down, self-steering,
pusher type (dead) axle, mounted forward of the rear bogie. A lockout for the self-steering
portion of the pusher axle shall be provided. With the fourth axle in the lowered position, the

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