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Page Title: Emergency reflective triangles
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MIL-T-62276C Tools. When specified (see 6.2), each vehicle shall be furnished with tools required
for exchanging the mounted tire assembly with the spare assembly (see, and shall include
at least a hydraulic jack, jack handle and wheelnut wrench. The jack shall be of such closed height
as to permit its location under an axle, or other satisfactory lift point, at any wheel with the tire
flat. The jack, without blocking, shall be capable of raising any wheel of the loaded vehicle to a
height adequate to permit removal and replacement of the wheel and tire assembly. Emergency reflective triangles. Three emergency reflective triangles conforming to
Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation 393.95(f)(2)(i) shall be furnished and properly stowed. Fire extinguisher. One 5-pound chemical type fire extinguisher shall be mounted in a
convenient location in the cab. The fire extinguisher shall have an Underwriter's Laboratory
rating of 10 B:C or more, shall include a metal safety pin and wire, and shall conform to type I,
class 2, size 5 of A-A-393. The extinguisher mounting device shall be of the quick release type.
The fire extinguisher shall permit visual determination of condition of charge.
3.4.17 Heater and defroster. A hot water heater shall be provided. The heater shall have
fresh air intakes. Discharge outlets shall be provided to direct heated air to the floor and to the
defroster louvers. The heater shall be complete with a blower and mounted controls convenient
to the driver.
3.4.18 Controls and operating mechanisms. All controls and operating mechanisms shall be
located for left-hand drive. The controls shall be complete and conveniently operable by the
driver. Lever controls shall be designed and located to permit easy entrance and exit of the
operator to and from the driver's compartment. Instruments and controls shall be identified as to
their function and installed in a manner to facilitate removal and servicing.
*  3.4.19 Accessories and equipment. Chassis equipment shall be complete with all accessories
furnished as standard equipment by the manufacturer. The following minimum equipment shall be
Key-operated starting switch
Ammeter, charging indicator or voltmeter
Fuel gage
Oil pressure gage or indicator
Engine temperature gage or high coolant temperature or low coolant level red indicator
warning light
(f) High coolant temperature or low coolant level alarm buzzer
(g) Speedometer with recording odometer
(h) Tachometer

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