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Page Title: Servicing and adjusting
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the kingpin to the cab, or to the vertical spare tire assembly, or to the pogo stick hose tender
when furnished, shall be not less than 85 inches. With the fifth wheel in its most forward position,
the landing wheel clearance from the centerline of the kingpin to the rear tires and chassis frame
rails shall be not more than 106 inches. The vehicle shall be capable of mating with the
semitrailers shown in figure 1.
3.5.2 Mounting. Fifth wheel mounting shall conform to Federal Motor Carrier Safety
Regulation 393.70(b).
3.5.3 Fifth wheel height. The unladen level height of the fifth wheel shall be 53 inches, plus
or minus one inch, above ground level.
3.5.4 Deck plate. Except for vehicles furnished with saddle tanks, a self-cleaning grating of
sufficient structural strength for operator use in connecting air and electric lines between the truck
tractor and a semitrailer shall be installed. The grating shall extend across and shall be bolted to
the frame rails with sufficient overhang to cover and protect side mounted tanks and fittings. The
grating shall be located as close to the cab as possible and shall extend not less than 36 inches
towards the rear of the vehicle. Access through the grating shall be furnished for maintenance of
fittings and other equipment. Provisions shall be furnished to allow access for personnel climbing
onto the deck plate.
3.5.5 Hose tender. A pogo stick type hose tender shall be provided, mounted rearward of the
spare tire carrier(s). The pogo stick shall be mounted on the vehicle deck plate or chassis
3.5.6 Wind deflector. When specified (see 6.2), a wind deflector shall be furnished with the
vehicle for subsequent installation on the cab roof by the receiving activity, or shall be factory
installed. The deflector shall be of molded fiberglass reinforced plastic, shall be not less than
63 inches wide, and shall be of a height suitable for use with the vehicle cab furnished and
semitrailer vans having a level height of 12 feet 6 inches at an upper fifth wheel height of
48 inches. The deflector, including all mounting and supporting hardware, support ribs and
installation instructions, shall be installed or securely stowed on the vehicle for shipment.
3.6 Servicing and adjusting. Prior to acceptance of the vehicle by the Government inspector,
the contractor shall service and adjust each vehicle and its mounted equipment for operational use
including at least the following alinement of lights; adjustment of engine; adjustment of brake
system; charging of batteries; alinement of front wheels; inflation of all tires; complete lubrication
of chassis, engine, running gear, and mounted equipment with grades of lubricants recommended
for the ambient air temperature at the delivery point; servicing of cooling system with a solution
of ethylene glycol type antifreeze and water in equal parts by volume; and servicing of windshield
washer reservoir with water and appropriate additives.

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