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Page Title: Standard commercial cab and chassis requirements
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Maximum geared speed
Trucks and Truck Tractors: Modified Commercial, General Specification
Special cab features

3.2.4 Low speed. Low speed for vehicles with a manual transmission shall be calculated
with the engine operating at not less than 35 percent of recommended governed speed. Low
vehicle speed shall not be more than that specified in table VI.
Table IV. Low speed.
No. of forward speeds
Max low speed km/h (mph)
7.2 (4.5)
4 or 5
4.8 (3.0)
7 or 8
4.0 (2.5)
9 or 10
4.0 (2.5)
13 to 20
3.3 Standard commercial cab and chassis requirements. The cab and chassis shall be
produced from an established production line. The production line shall produce commercial
truck cabs and chassis of the same model as furnished to the Government sufficient in quantity to
support establishment of a factory authorized commercial dealer network. The dealer network
shall be in place at the time of bid and shall have been in place for not less than the preceeding
5 years. Further, the manufacturer shall cause to be published and distributed to his dealers
catalogs, service and detailed parts manuals fully describing his product line for the purposes of
sales and service through the dealer network. All features listed in the subparagraphs of 3.3 and
furnished to the Government shall be standard or optional from the cab-chassis manufacturer's
production line facility and serviceable by that manufacturer's dealer network. The dealer
network shall be capable of servicing, repairing, providing parts and performing warranty repairs
for any and all items described in all subparagraphs of 3.3 and furnished to the Government. The
dealer network shall consist of not less than 100 fully franchised, qualified dealers.
3.3.1 Cab style. Unless otherwise specified, the chassis manufacturer shall furnish any
type of his standard or optional full width non-sleeper cab. When specified (see 6.2), the cab on
class 19 and larger shall have a forward tilting hood and fender assembly; or a butterfly hood and
bolt on fenders that can be removed or swung forward when unbolted. Tilting shall not interfere
with present of future installation of additional equipment, such as a snowplow or a front
mounted winch. When specified (see 6.2), class 24 through class 62 4x2, 4x4 and 6x4 models
shall have a tilt cab. Tilt cabs shall have provisions to facilitate cleaning the windshield.
Provisions shall include a bumper step, or bumper step cutouts, and a grab handle located under
the windshield. Cab access. The cab shall have secondary steps when cab entry step height
otherwise exceeds 610 millimeters (mm) (24 inches). The cab on class 24 and larger trucks shall
have safety grips or grab handles on each side to assist personnel in entering and leaving the cab.

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