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Page Title: Fuel and water separator
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Special cab features
Trucks and Truck Tractors: Modified Commercial, General Specification
Exhaust system

MIL-T-62735 Sleeper cab. When specified for class 24 and larger 4x2 and 6x4 models
(see 6.2), in addition to the requirements of 3.3.1 through, the cab shall be of the sleeper
type. The sleeper compartment shall be not less than 760 mm (30 inches) in depth. The sleeper
compartment shall be fitted with a foam mattress and a sleeper occupant restraint system. The
cab shall have a luggage compartment. The luggage compartment shall have locking access
doors, or doors that can only be opened from inside, on both sides of the cab. The sleeping
compartment shall have curtains and a domelight. The sleeper compartment shall have heating
and air conditioning. Auxiliary air temperature controls or louvers shall be furnished in the
sleeper compartment. The controls or louvers shall provide for remote regulation of both heating
and air conditioning within the sleeper compartments.
3.3.2 Diesel engine. Unless otherwise specified (see 3.3.3), the vehicle shall be diesel
engine driven. See 3.9.4. Starting system. For diesel engine driven vehicles, engine starting equipment
shall include an ether starting system, glow plug or electric grid heater. Ether system. The ether system shall be of the measured shot type. The ether
system shall be key operated or manually operated from the driver's compartment. The system
shall be inoperative with the engine warm. There shall be complete provisions for a replaceable
ether reservoir of not less than 355 milliliters (mL) (12 fluid ounces). A reservoir need not be
furnished, but shall be readily available from the chassis manufacturer's dealers and other
commercial sources.
3.3.3 Gasoline engine. When specified (see 6.2), model 4x2 shall be gasoline engine
3.3.4 Oil filter. Engine equipment shall include a full flow or combination full flow and
bypass oil filter.
3.3.5 Air cleaner. The engine shall have an air cleaner. When specified for diesel
engine driven vehicles (see 6.2), the air cleaner shall have a service indicator (gage or warning
light) visible to the seated driver.
3.3.6 Fuel and water separator. The fuel system shall have a fuel filter. When specified
(see 6.2), the vehicle shall have a fuel and water separator. The separator shall include a water
coalescer and a drain valve. When a separator is required, it may be a combination
3.3.7 Governor. For class 19 and larger vehicles, the engine shall have a governor. The
governor shall be set and sealed to limit the engine to the engine manufacturer's maximum
recommended operating speed.

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