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Page Title: Hydraulic reservoir
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Winch wire core
Trucks and Truck Tractors: Modified Commercial, General Specification
Electrical control system for bottom dump semitrailer solenoids

hydraulic relief valve, set at 110 percent of rated winch capacity. Winch mounting shall enable
full capacity pulls without damage to the truck tractor frame, winch(es) or any other component. Dual winches. When specified (see 6.2), dual winches shall have outboard
mounting to provide compatibility with M747 tactical semitrailer outboard mounted cable roller
guides. When dual winches are required, the power takeoff shall be of a capacity to operate the
two winches simultaneously. The power takeoff shall have an output rating of not less than
67 kW (90 horsepower). Dual winches shall be capable of operating simultaneously at full load
in high and low speed modes without exceeding the hydraulic system or power takeoff system
rated capacities. Hydraulic reservoir. When a hydraulic winch(es) is furnished, the vehicle
shall have a hydraulic reservoir of the capacity recommended by the winch manufacturer. The
reservoir shall be capable of withstanding the shock and vibration of off highway travel. The
reservoir shall have not less than the following:
(a) Filter(s), readily accessible for cleaning and replacement without draining the
(b) Baffles to prevent foaming and return of hot oil to the pump suction port
(c) Dip stick and vented, captive filler cap
(d) Cleanout opening of a size to permit manual cleaning of the reservoir
(e) Hydraulic fluid rated to meet the climatic conditions at the vehicle delivery point. External hydraulic connections. The hydraulic system shall have provisions
for future operation of other hydraulic equipment external to the truck tractor. The provisions
shall include a control valve or valves for diverting the hydraulic flow to either the winch system
or to external hydraulic equipment. The external side of this control valve(s) shall have points of
attachment for connecting the hydraulic lines (pressure and return) of such external equipment.
The provisions shall be adequate for future operation of equipment requiring a pressure of
13.8 mega-Pascals (MPa) (2,000 pounds per square inch (psi)), at a flow rate equivalent to that
required by the winch system. (The hydraulic lines on the external equipment will have the same
size fittings as the winch hydraulic lines). The external system hydraulic ports shall have
removable but captive caps or plugs to prevent dirt or other foreign objects from contaminating
the system. Truck tractor for use with bottom dump semitrailers. When specified for
class 50 and larger (see 6.2), the truck tractor shall be fully equipped for use with solenoid
operated bottom dump semitrailers and shall include an electrical control system and a skid plate.
Otherwise, the truck tractor shall conform to 3.4.2 through and all options therein
specified in acquisition documents.

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