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Page Title: Portable floodlights
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MIL-T-62735 Portable floodlights. Two floodlights shall be portable for use as work lamps.
Plug in lamp cords for each lamp shall be of sufficient length to enable illumination of all areas
of the vehicle from a lamp-to-vehicle distance of not more than 300 mm (1 foot). Each portable
lamp shall have a switch. Lamp outlet. There shall be two auxiliary lamp plug outlets, one on each side of
the vehicle. Each outlet shall have a captive cover for protection when the outlet is not in use.
3.5.12 Water cask. When specified (see 6.2), a 18.9 L (5-gallon), insulated, potable
water cask shall be furnished. The inside liner shall be stainless steel or nontoxic poly material.
The outside shell shall be galvanized steel or equivalent. The throat size shall be of sufficient
area to allow for cleaning the interior of the water cask. The cask shall have a brass,
chrome-plated, or nylon spigot, flush mounted to prevent damage. Lugs and mounting bracket(s)
shall be provided to securely mount the cask in an accessible, vertical position on the vehicle,
from which it can be readily removed.
3.5.13 Hydraulic tailgate (stake, van and refrigerator van trucks only). When specified
(see 6.2), the vehicle shall be have an electric motor driven hydraulic tailgate. Unless otherwise
specified (see 6.2), the tailgate shall have a rated capacity of not less than 910 kg (2,000 pounds).
All hydraulic cylinders shall have flow restrictors in the down port of the cylinders to prevent the
tailgate from falling rapidly in the event of hydraulic system failure. (A hydraulic tailgate is not
available with rear towing devices, 3.5.14). Tailgate platform. The tailgate platform shall be the ramping type. The
platform shall have a depth of not less than 810 mm (32 inches) exclusive of the ramp. The ramp
shall taper down to ground level to facilitate loading with wheeled hand carts. The platform
loading area shall be of non-skid sheet steel. The tailgate shall have devices for holding the
platform in stowed position for vehicle travel. Tailgate location. When the tailgate is in loading position, the clearance
between the rear edge of the vehicle and the tailgate shall be not more than 19 mm (0.750 inch)
and the tailgate shall be on the same level as the body floor. Tailgate controls. Tailgate controls shall be outside the body on the curbside of
the vehicle. The vehicle ignition switch or a separate switch in the driver's compartment shall
allow the driver to disconnect the power source to the tailgate. There shall be a decal or plate in
accordance with 3.10.5, describing operation of the hydraulic tailgate, in close proximity to the
hydraulic tailgate controls.

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