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Page Title: Power plant heaters (PPHs)
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Pusher axle loads and rating
Trucks and Truck Tractors: Modified Commercial, General Specification
Fuel fired engine preheater

(d) All components used in the front wheel drive conversion shall be approved for the
conversion application by that component manufacturer doing the conversion.
(e) The converted vehicle shall be certified to conform to FMVSS's No. 108 and 121, by
the intermediate or final manufacturer doing the conversion.
(f) Replacement headlights, if required to be added, shall meet the height requirement of
not less than 560 mm (22 inches) and not more than 1370 mm (54 inches), measured
above the road surface, in conformance with FMVSS No. 108. Replacement
headlights shall be equivalent in mounting, protection, and range and precision of
adjustment to the chassis manufacturer's original production line standard headlights.
(g) Unused headlight cavities shall be covered in a neat workmanlike manner, treated
and painted to match the chassis cab color with treatment and painting equivalent to
the chassis cab manufacturer's process for the remainder of the chassis cab. Cavities
and their covers shall be rustproofed in accordance with 3.10.6.
(h) Complete installation drawings shall be available to the procuring activity.
(i) The provisions of 3.5.1 shall not be violated.
3.5.24 Power plant heaters (PPHs). When specified (see 6.2), a coolant heater, an engine
oil heater, and fuel warmers (diesel engine driven vehicles only) shall be provided. Heaters shall
operate on 110 volt alternating current (ac). Heaters shall be wired through a junction block,
including a fuse or circuit breaker, to a single three-pronged (male), weatherproof, slave
receptacle for receiving external power and for grounding the vehicle. The receptacle shall be on
the driver's side of the vehicle, as near the cab door as practicable. PPH connecting cable. The system shall have a three-wire connecting cable,
not less than 7600 mm (25 feet) long. The cable shall be of adequate line capacity to supply
power for all heater units simultaneously. The connecting cable shall include a matching female
connector at the vehicle end and a standard, three-pronged (two power plus one ground) male
connector at the other end. The electrical insulation of the connecting cable shall withstand
normal operating stresses in low ambient air temperatures down to -51C (-60F) without
cracking or loss of dielectric capacity. The vehicle cab shall have provisions for stowage of
the cable. PPH electrical installation. The electrical installation shall conform to
FMCSR 393.77(c)(7). Heater lead wires shall not interfere with vehicle component operation
and shall have no loose excess wire.

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