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Page Title: Turret control assembly
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4,7 Interchangeability testing. At unit which fails to comply with the
specified requriement or evidences degradation of its operational performance
shall be classed defective. Test equipment and procedures shall be
satisfactory to the contracting officer (see 4.5.6).
4.7.1 Turret control assembly. A sample of three turret control
assemblies randomly selected, shall be tested for interchangeability using the
test method specified in 4.7.3. Control assemblies taken for
interchangeability testing shall have been found satisfactory in all other
examinations and tests. Three control assemblies shall comply with the
applicable specification functioning requirements of 4.4.10, 4.5 and 4.6
before and after the interchange of parts. It shall be the responsibility of
the agency responsible for the test to inform the contracting officer by
letter or other methods satisfactory to the contracting officer, when
selective assembly has become necessary. Statement shall contain, as a
minimum, contractor's name and FSCM, contract number, parts involved in the
selective fit, conditions of parts and rationale for action taken. No hand
refinement of parts shall be permissible without approval by the contracting
officer. No malfunctions shall be allowed in the functioning tests. Failure
of a control assembly in the interchangeability test shall cause retest or
rejection of the represented lot.
At the discretion of the Government representative, an interchangeability
retest may be allowed without reconditioning the lot. Failure during the
retest shall cause rejection of the represented lot subject to reconditioning
and further test as a reconditioned lot. A sample of six control assemblies
from each retest or reconditioned lot shall be tested using the same
procedures described above.
4.7.2 Repair parts. At least two parts from each inspection lot of
concurrent repair parts shall be subjected to the interchangeability test
specified i 4.6.3. Failure of any part to meet the interchangeability
requirements shall be cause for rejection of the represented lot, subject to
reconditioning and further test as a reconditioned lot. A sample consisting
of "double the number of parts used in the original test shall be tested from
each reconditioned lot using the test methods specified above.
4.7.3 Test method for interchangeability. Control assemblies shall be
tested by disassembling and then reassembling the parts specified below.
Parts shall be disassembled from the control and identical parts placed
together and mixed. Any commercial part (screws, pins, etc.) rendered
unserviceable by disassembly shall be replaced without penalty to the
interchangeability test.

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