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Page Title: Control box ready light switch
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TB105 for Barrel No. 2.  Continuity will be broken in the individual circuit
with the opening of any one of the above three interlocks. Control box ready light switch. With the switch actuator
plate in the OFF position, the control box ready light switch will open for
each barrel circuit.  With the plate in the ON position the switch will close.
Continuity shall exist as called for in Pressure switch.  Gradually apply pressure to the air flask
at a rate not exceeding 250 psig per minute until the switch closes. The
pressure switch in each barrel shall close at 1275 plus or minus 75 psig
and remain closed at pressures above this value.  Gradually decrease pres-
sure until the pressure switch opens.  The pressure switch in each barrel
shall open at 1200 psig minimum and remain open at pressures below this
Continuity shall exist as called for in
* Muzzle door ready light switch.  With 95 plus or minus 5
psig pressure applied to the low pressure air system, manually rotate the
safe-ready solenoid linkage handle to the MANUAL position.  The muzzle door
ready light switch will close with the muzzle door fully open as indicated
in 3.4.18.  Return the solenoid linkage handle to the REMOTE position. When
the door closes 6 degrees maximum from the fully open position, the switch
will open.  Continuity shall exist as called for in Breakaway plug puller mechanism.  Verify that, prior to all fir-
ings, the lever of the breakaway plug puller mechanism in each barrel can
be latched and unlatched by hand without excessive force.
* Muzzle door operation.  With 95 plus or minus 5 psig air sup-
plied to the pneumatic system, open and close the muzzle door by rotating
the linkage handle above the safe-ready solenoid valves to the MANUAL posi-
tion and then back to the REMOTE position.  With the safe-ready solenoids
in the REMOTE position, open and close the door by applying and removing
115 volts ac to the safe-ready solenoid valves. The doors when closed shall not accept a 0.030 feeler gage
in the joint between the door and the barrel ends. The doors when open shall have rotated 105 degrees plus or
minus 5 degrees from the closed position.
* Lighting interlock circuit.  With the breech mechanisms of both
barrels locked in place and the access covers secured, apply 95 plus or
minus 5 psig pneumatic pressure to the low pressure system and close both
muzzle doors by placing the safe-ready solenoid valve linkage handle in the
REMOTE position.

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