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Page Title: Identification plates
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Suction and discharge connections
Vacuum Pumps, Power Driven, Centrifugal Pump Priming Service, Naval Shipboard
Table II - Onboard repair parts.

3.4,6,1 Priming valves shall be of the float type and shall permit the flow of air while the pump is
being primed, shall close when the water level reaches the valve to prevent water from entering the priming
pump, and shall open whenever the centrifugal pump loses its prime. Inlet and outlet connections shall be flanged in accordance with MIL-STD-438 or MIL-STD-777, as
3.4.7 Seal water tanks. The seal water tank shall be of welded construction with suitable reinforcements to accommodate
the weight of the priming pump unit. The tank shall be fitted with a sight glass, filling connection, drain connection, vent and over-
flow connection, and hand hole.
3.5 Identification plates.
3.5.1 Identification plates shall be furnished for each pump and shall be type A or B in accordance with
MIL-P-15024 and MIL-P-15024/5, except that identification plates of plastic or aluminum are not acceptable. A separate identification plate shall be furnished for the priming valve,
3.5.2 Identification plates shall be secured to equipment with corrosion resistant metallic screws.
3.5.3 Pump identification plates shall contain data as follows:
Manufacturers name.
Manufacturers model or type and size.
Service application (that is, vacuum priming pump).
Manufacturers serial number.
Salient design characteristics:
(1) Capacity in cubic feet per minute.
(2) Vacuum in inches of mercury.
(3) Speed in revolutions per minute.
(4) Brake horsepower.
(f)  Contract number.
(g)  Federal stock number.
(h)  Section for inspectors stamp.
3.5.4 Priming valve identification plate shall contain data as follows:
Manufacturers name.
Manufacturers model or size.
Manufacturers serial number.
Service application (that is, vacuum priming valve),
Contract number.
Federal stock number.
Section for inspectors stamp.
3.5.5 Each driving unit and accessory unit shall have an identification plate in accordance with the
applicable equipment specification.
3.6 Drawings.
3.6.1 Drawings shall be in accordance with categories E, F, G and
H, form 2 of MIL-D-1000 and types II
and III of MIL-D-1000/2.
3.6.2 Outline drawings shall be furnished covering complete pump units including pump, driver, bedplate
and attached accessories. Separate outline drawings shall be furnished for each contract or order and for
each different pump unit on a contract or order.
# Performance curves on preliminary outline drawings as originally submitted to the command or
agency concerned may be calculated curves and shall be so indicated.  The complete performance curves on the
validated outline drawings shall be based on the performance tests and shall be so indicated. When a number
of duplicate pumps are furnished under one contract, all pumps shall be given a performance test, and provided
all meet or exceed design conditions, only the performance curve for one unit shall be shown on the drawings.
3.6.3 Pump master drawings shall include sectional assembly , complete list of material and details of all
parts.  The section assembly and list of material with references to detail drawings should be on a single

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