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Page Title: Shop tests
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Quality Assurance Provisions
Vacuum Pumps, Power Driven, Centrifugal Pump Priming Service, Naval Shipboard
Preparation for Delivery

MIL-V-18683A(SHIPS) )
4.3 Shop tests.
4.3.1 Each component part listed below for each vacuum pump unit shall be tested hydrostatically to a
pressure of at least 150 percent of the maximum pressure to which it can be subjected in operation, but not
less than the pressures listed as follows:
Pump casings ------------------- 50 p.s.i.g.
Priming valve body ------------- 30 p.s.i.g.
Priming valve float ----------- 25 p.s.i.g.
Seal tank ---------------------- 15 p.s.i.g.
4.3.2 Each pump, except those driven by a.c. motors, shall be tested in the shop of the manufacturer or
supplier at 25 percent above the designed maximum operating speed by a continuous nonstop run of at least 30
minutes.  This test shall be conducted in the presence of the Government representative, who shall check oper-
ation and smoothness of running.  In the case of pump driven by a.c. motors each unit shall be tested for
smoothness of operation at full speed.
4.4 Performance tests.
4.4.1 It shall be the responsibility of the prime contractor to insure that tests required on assembled
units are made.
4.4.2 Driving units shall be tested as required by the applicable specification,
4.4.3 Performance tests shall adequately demonstrate the ability of the pump to handle its rated capacity
of air at the specified vacuum.
4.4.4 sufficient data shall be taken during the tests to prepare pump characteristic curves as specified
in 4.4.5.  Test data and curves shall be complete over the entire range of opacities from shutoff (highest
vacuum obtainable) to as near free delivery (atmospheric pressure) as possible.
4.4.5 The following test curves shall be supplied for consist speeds of approximately 90, 100 and 110
percent of designed speed:
(a) Vacuum versus air capacity.
(b) Vacuum versus capacity in free air.
(c) Vacuum versus brake horsepower.
Where pumps are driven by a.c. motors, the curves shall be obtained for the rated speed condition of the motor
in lieu of those specified above.
4.4.6 Complete test reports, including test data on both pumps and driving units, shall be assembled and
distributed as follows:
4.4.7 Shock tests.
unit of each design shall be subjected to the high impact shock tests One complete pumping
specified in MIL-S-901 (see 3.3.7). Equipment previously accepted will not be resubmitted for shock test except when evidence of low
shock resistance develops in the units installed.  The command or agency concerned will initiate action with
the manufacturer for correction of deficiencies, and reserves the right to require shock tests at any time. All PUMP units shall be shock tested with drivers unless otherwise approved by the command or
agency concerned.  Flexible coupled pumps shock tested with one driver will not be required to be shock tested
again when supplied with a different driver.  Prime movers are subject to shock tests in accordance with the
applicable equipment specification. The pump unit shall be considered to have failed to pass the shook tests in the event of any of
the following:
(a) Breakage of any parts, including mounting bolts.

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