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Page Title: Turret and gun traverse and elevation control system
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Vehicle, Combat Engineer Full Tracked: 165MM Gun, M728
Gun elevation speeds

e. The turret shall traverse in either direction throughout 360 degrees.
f. The boom assembly shall be in the stowed position and locked to the turret.
NOTE: The systems shall be capable of operating at 18 to 30 vdc. Main armament balance. With the co-axial machine gun, spent brass and link
ejection bag, deflector, convertor for auxiliary firing system, telescope, nylon ballistic shield,
mantlet cover, OVE or equal compensating weights installed with a dummy projectile weighing
65 pounds in the main armament, and with the gun at the horizontal position within one-half
degree, the main armament shall be balanced by the gun equilibrator pressure to obtain the
manual elevation hand crank torque reading within 3 1/2 inch-pounds to elevate and depress the
gun one degree from the horizontal position. Nylon ballistic shield. Gun mount conforming to MIL-M-45212 with co-axial
machine gun mount, M73 machine gun, spent brass and link ejection bag, sighting system, and
nylon ballistic shield installed, shall elevate to a minimum of 20 degrees and a minimum of
10 degrees depression. No binding shall exist between the machine gun, sighting system, and the
nylon ballistic shield, to cause the co-axial machine gun to deflect by more than 1 mil and the
telescope to deflect more than 0.1 mil.
3.6.13 Turret and gun traverse and elevation control system. Manual traverse effort. The mean torque applied to the manual traverse hand
crank, at a uniform rate to maintain turret movement shall not exceed 32 inch-pounds. Manual elevation effort. The mean torque required to rotate the manual
elevation hand crank at a uniform rate to maintain gun movement shall not exceed
46 inch-pounds. Individual readings shall not exceed 55 inch-pounds. Manual elevation and depression response rate. The gun at the horizontal
position within plus or minus one degree, shall move at a minimum rate of 10 mils per revolution
of the hand crank in elevation and depressions. The hand crank shall be turned at a rate not less
than 10 rpm and not more than 20 rpm to measure the response rate. System backlash. With the traverse and elevation power switch on or off, the
control system backlash shall not exceed one mil in traverse and one mil in elevation. Power and manual control. The manual traverse and power elevation controls
shall be capable of simultaneous operation. The same requirement applies to the power traverse
and the manual elevation controls. There shall be no movement of the gun or turret caused by
turning the elevation and traverse power switch on or off. The gun firing switches shall function
individually with elevation and traverse power switch on or off and with the main gun or coaxial
machine gun selector switches turned on individually or collectively.

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