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Page Title: Recycle of water carobilities
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Programmer controls
Washing Machine, Laundry: Open End Type, Trailer Mounted

signal.  When activated, each signal shall operate for 15 to 20 seconds and
then shut off.  Depending on the formula selected during automatic operations
the supply signal may be activated up to six times during the complete
cycle.  The audible signal circuit shall include a timed, audible signal
cancel circuit with switch so that the operator can temporarily cancel the
audible signal should he arrive at the control unit before the 15 to 20
second signal period ends. The tired signal cancel period shall not exceed
60 seconds.  Recycle of water carobilities. Constant power (110 V, 1 phase,
20A) shall be supplied to an electrical outlet mounted on the rear of
the washer control unit.  The electrical outlet shall conform to MS 3102
R16-10S per MIL-C-5015 .  The outlet shall have a cover that conform to
MS 25043-16DA.
The washer shall be equipped with a
dial temperature gage to show water temperature inside the
washer cylinder.  The gage shall be mounted on the side of the soap chute as
shown on Drawing 6-1-9944.  The temperature sensing probe shall be installed
into a thermal well. The thermal well shall be located at the bottom of the
washer drum so that it is totally submersed in water during any wash cycle or
at any water level.  The thermal well shall be packed with a heatsink
compound prior to installation of the sensing probe. Gage accuracy shall be
2 percent of full range.
3.5.2 Electrical requi rements . Motors.  All motors shall be constructed, classified, and rated in
accordance with NEMA MG-1. They shall be rated for continuous operation at
40C or higher on 208 V,60 Hz, 3 phase power and shall berated at a
minimum of 1.5 horse power suitable for reversing duty with proper starting
torque for reversing washer service.  The rotor shall have ball bearings and
be totally enclosed, fan cooled, and capable of withstanding hose washdown.
The rotor shall be protected against overload with resettable type heaters.
Reset buttons shall be accessible without opening the enclosure where the
heaters are mounted. The rotor shall be approved for such application by the
rotor manufacturer. Electrical wiring and marking
All wiring shall be done in
accordance with NFPA No. 70 and marked in accordance with MIL-STD-195 . All
wiring connections shall be soldered, taped, or have staked connections. The
solder shall conform to type R of QQ-S-571 and the tape shall conform to
HH-I-553.  A permanent wiring schematic shall be permanently attached to the
inside face of the control unit on a removable panel.
3.5.2 .2.1 Wire and wire
marking.  All wire shall be multi-stranded copper
conductor, flame retardant
moisture, heat, and oil resistant (type THWN,
gasoline and oil resistant
in accordance with ANSI/NFPA 70 and UL 83). The
minimum wire size shall be
determined in accordance with the safe current

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