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Page Title: Independent 120-volt alternator
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3.4.2 Starting system. The bus shall be furnished with a 12- or 24-volt starting system.
Engine starting equipment shall include a glow plug or a pressurized ether system. The ether
system shall include all equipment, including container mounting bracket, and any necessary
piping. The ether system shall be of the automatic injection, temperature-limited type, controlled
from the driver's area, inoperative with the engine warm; or shall be of the measured shot type,
manually or key operated from the driver's compartment, with a reservoir, or provisions for a
reservoir, of not less than 12 fluid ounces, inoperative with either the engine warm or the engine
* Starter system controls. The starting motor shall be switch-operated by current
fed in parallel from a toggle switch in the engine compartment to both a "start" switch on the
instrument panel and a "start" switch in the engine compartment and then to the operating coil of
the relay. A safety switch shall be provided in the engine compartment so that the engine cannot
be cranked from the driver's position when this switch is in the "OFF" position. Means shall be
provided to prohibit cranking of the engine except when the transmission is in the neutral
3.4.3 Alternator. When air conditioning is furnished and powered by the main engine,
the alternator shall provide not less than 120 amperes at engine idle speed, and not less than
200 amperes at not more than 60 percent of the engine governed speed for a 12-volt system; or
not less than 60 amperes at engine idle speed, and not less than 100 amperes at not more than
60 percent of the engine governed speed for a 24-volt system.
* Independent 120-volt alternator. When an independent air conditioning system is
provided with a separate 120-volt alternating current (ac) alternator driven by the auxiliary
engine, the main alternator shall have a direct current (dc) output of not less than 90 amperes at
engine idle, 125 amperes at 60 percent of engine governed speed, and 140 amperes rated
capacity. When a 120-volt alternator is furnished, it shall have adequate power for operation of
all air conditioning fans and blowers and shall have a rated output of not less than 1,200 watts at
120 volts ac, single phase, 60 Hertz.
3.4.4 Fuel system. The fuel system shall conform to Federal Motor Carrier Safety
Regulations 393.65 and 393.67 and shall provide all necessary piping, fittings, and accessories.
* Air cleaner. An air cleaner(s) shall be furnished. The air cleaner(s) shall be of the
dry type, with air restriction indicator to show when the filter(s) should be replaced.

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