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Page Title: Stanchions and grab rails
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MIL-B-62152A(AT) Tour director's seats. Two tour director's seats shall be provided for attendants
use to enable them to rest and observe patients during travel. The seats shall measure
approximately 15 inches by 15 inches, shall be positioned to allow the attendants to view the
patients and shall be hinged to raise flush against the paneling when not in use. One seat shall
be hinged to the panel to the right of the driver and one seat shall be installed in the
lavatory-baggage area.
* Driver's seat. The driver's seat shall be heavy duty, bus-type, pedestal mounted
and adjustable fore-and-aft and for height without the use of tools. Seat cushions, padded with
foam rubber, polyester foam or polyurethane foam, shall be provided with tilting adjustments for
cushion and back to provide maximum driver comfort. All these adjustments shall be capable of
being made manually by the driver while he is seated and shall be safeguarded against pinching
of fingers. The adjustment mechanism shall be sufficiently rugged to hold adjustment in service,
shall be properly shielded from dirt, shall be located so as not to be a hazard during operations
and shall preclude accidental raising or lowering. The seat back shall be covered with stainless
steel or scuff and impact resistant plastic. A lap type seat belt shall be installed for the driver's
3.5.9 Stanchions and grab rails. Stanchions and grab rails of stainless steel, stainless-clad
steel, or plastic-coated steel tubing, at least 1-1/4 inches in diameter, shall be installed. The grab
rails in the service door area shall be not less than 1 inch in diameter. A slide or roll type opaque
curtain to provide protection for the driver from passenger interference shall be installed. A
complete modesty panel behind the driver or a closure panel to the right of the driver shall be
provided to prevent right front aisle passenger from accidentally disengaging the gear shift. A
stanchion and grab rail with modesty panel shall be provided at the rear of the service door
entrance and a stanchion or grab rail shall be provided at the front of the entrance, arranged to
assist passengers in entering or leaving the bus. Two overhead handrails shall be provided, one
on each side of the center of the aisle, for aiding the attendant in the treatment of patients. The
handrails shall be at the lowest practicable height from the floor, but shall not interfere with
placing a litter patient in the top tier, nor project below the minimum clear height of 79 inches in
the aisle specified in 3.5.1.
3.5.10 Heating, defrosting, ventilating and cooling. Heating, defrosting. and ventilating
systems shall conform to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations 393.77 and 393.79.

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