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Page Title: Quality conformance inspection
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MIL-C-46409D (AR)
Empty primed cartridges cases (no propellant or projectile). If primer sensitivity test fails to
meet the requirement on the first sample the fist article shall be rejected. No second sample
shall be allowed.
Failure of any cartridge to comply with the applicable requirement shall be cause for rejection
of the first article
Failure of four or more cartridges to comply with the applicable requirement shall be cause
for rejection of the first article.
If one or more cartridges contain less than the minimum required propellant weight, the first
article shall be rejected.
Failure of the cartridges to comply with the applicable requirement shall be cause for rejection
of the first article.
The first article shall be rejected when function and casualty defects, plus firing defects
exceed the acceptance number for the frost sample in Table II.
4.4 Quality conformance inspection.
4.4.1 Lot. Submission of product. The product shall be submitted in accordance with MIL-
STD-105. Lot size. The size of an ammunition lot shall be not less than 200,000 nor more than
500,000 cartridges. Lot identification. Each lot of ammunition shall be identified as to type, caliber and
model, as well as with a lot number in accordance with MIL-STD- 1168. Each lot shall be further
identified by a Federal Stock Number assigned by the procuring activity.
4.4.2 Examination. Each charged cartridge case shall be examined for propellant charge,
(wt) minimum, requirement of 3.12.  Method of examination shall be approved by the
contracting officer. The equipment design shall provide control(s) that will assure rejection of
defective propellant charge (wt), in the cartridge case. On hundred percent examination shall be
performed for all critical defects. Examination for major and minor defects shall be performed
on a class basis in accordance with the classification of defects, using applicable sampling
plans and acceptance criteria of MIL-STD-105. The acceptable quality level (AQL) for the
major class shall be 0.25 percent and the AQL for the minor class shall be 1.50 percent. Classification of defects. The classification of defects shall be as specified in 4.4.24. Order of test. All cartridges shall have been submitted to and passed the criteria
specified in prior to being tested n 4.4.3. Rejection. All non-conforming cartridges shall be classed defective and rejected.
Non-conforming cartridge lots shall be rejected.

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