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Page Title: Test Procedure cont'd
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MIL-C-46409D (AR)
APPENDIX "D" (CONT'D) Lumiline screens are checked for position. It is of utmost importance that the
lumiline screens be placed in their prior positions. Measurements must be accurate. The required number of copper pressure cylinders is measured as prescribed in
40.1.1. The recessed holding block containing the individually measured copper pressure
cylinders, a sufficient quantity on obturating cups and the pressure piston prefixally fitted to the
barrel assembly should be placed at a point convenient to the technician. The obturating cups (wax filled) are not changed after firing each shot. It is
permissible to fire a maximum of twenty-two (22) cartridge with the same obturating cup. The
first two cartridges are fired to properly seat the obturating cup in the piston hold, the results
obtained with these two cartridges are recorded for information only and are not considered in
the final averages.
40.3.2 During firing Five (5) warming (fouling) shots shall be fired. To fire that warming (fouling)
shots,, it shall be necessary to service the chamber-pressure barrel assembly with an obturating
cup, the pressure pistol and a copper pressure cylinder. The same cylinder and obturating cup
may be used when all the warming shots are being fired. The anvil is screwed down on the
cylinder following each shot. Velocity readings should be recorded by the chronographer to
assure that the velocity-measuring equipment is functioning properly. The recessed holding block containing the standard (reference) cartridges is
removed from the controlled-temperature room or container and placed at a point convenient to
the technician, provided the temperature of the firing room is 70F 5F. Otherwise the
cartridges shall be placed in an insulated box which has been conditioned at 70F 5F, and the
box placed at a point convenient to the technician. The cartridges are then removed singly from
the insulated box immediately before firing. If an insulated box is not available, then the
cartridges shall be removed singly from the controlled-temperature room or container
immediately before firing. The dummy cartridge is placed in the chamber of the barrel assembly. The
obturating cup shall be placed in the pistol hole, mouth-end down, and partially seated using the
stem of the knockout tool. The shank of the pressure pistol shall be dipped in oil, SAE40 to
equivalent,and the oil then be allowed to drawing from the piston. The drop of oil adhering to
the bottom of the piston shank shall then be removed by touching the bottom of the the pistol
shank to a cleaning patch. The piston shall ben be inserted into the pistol hole and pressed down
on the obturating cup until the pistol has reached its correct final position. The head of the piston
and the bottom of the anvil shall be wiped dry and free of oil. The copper cylinder shall be put in
place and centered between the head of the piston and the bottom of the anvil. The anvil shall be
screwed down lightly on the cylinder, using thumb and forefinger. but not under stress. the
dummy cartridge shall then be removed from the chamber. Chamber and bore are examined for
possible obstructions.

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